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Movie Creator

I am a mobile video producer. I create and edit my video reviews on mobile. Currently, the Lumia 930 is the tool that gets the job done, and the app is Video Editor – Metapps. It does a fine job too. Earlier today, Microsoft launched a video editor named Movie Creator. The feature list reads like it is capable enough to make me switch. Have a look:

  • edit the length of your footage
  • freely move the various clips to different places on your video timeline
  • add text cards, captions and various filters, pan and zoom, and rotate
  • delete clips with a tap
  • add music from the Music app (non-DRM protected MP3 files only)
  • adjust the volume.
  • original videos and photos aren’t affected
  • use pre-installed themes (purchase additional)
  • add scene transitions

I have already downloaded it and will be playing with it shortly. Expect my review.

Movie Creator beta is available for Windows OS 8.1 smartphones and tablets. Download Movie Creator.


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