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Introducing Twitter Circle: you can enjoy some sanity away from the raging mob

Avatar of Mister Mobility By Mister Mobility May4,2022
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Twitter has introduced a new feature called Circle, and I am so elated about it. Why? Twitter Circle finally gives you the much-needed control to determine who sees and interacts with your tweets. You can choose to post a tweet for the general public, and you can also decide to publish it to just a curated circle of friends.

Twitter is the perfect social networking platform for me. 90% of my social media life is spent there. That’s where I make the most friends, make the most business deals, and have the most fun. But it has become increasingly like the Wild Wild West of old – a place where bullying and mob action has become the norm.

How Twitter Circle works

Twitter Circle lets you add up to 150 people who can see your tweets when you want to share with a smaller crowd. It sounds like something that is perfect for thoughts that require nuance and detailed analyses, or even thoughts that could be controversial with the general public. You can have such conversations with your circle alone, free of interference from uncouth individuals who tend to jump in and derail things.

Twitter Circle lets you share with only the people you want.

In summary, Twitter Circle lets you share with a smaller crowd – your own pack. And I think it is great, because in real life, not every conversation is for all ears. We all have small group conversations for all kinds of reasons, most of which are not malicious in any way. This is why I am rooting for Circle. It resonates with the idea of needing to share but not wanting to cast your pearls before swine. 😊

The general idea is that while we are still able to tweet at the public, each of us can also create small pockets of sanity where we can tweet and discuss issues that interest is, in peace, with the mindless, raging mobs walled off. It is like having a small group made up of your crew where you can discuss issues that are important to you without random strangers barging in.

You create your Circle, add users to it, and can start tweeting at them only, as you deem fit. You can remove users from your Twitter Circle as you wish. Your Circle, your terms. I imagine you can create multiple circles – one for your fun clique, another for work related stuff, etc.

The feature is not available to everyone yet, but some Twitter users already have it from today. I hope it becomes a permanent feature and everyone can have it.

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