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Four Top iOS 16 Features “Copied” From Android OS

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If you have the faintest interest in smartphones, you must already be aware of the legendary face-off between Google’s Android OS (used in phones by Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, OnePlus, Motorola, TECNO, and others), and Apple’s iOS used in iPhones. Apple has now announced iOS 16, the 2022 version of their mobile operating system, and it has some features that Android OS has had for years.

That isn’t a new pattern though: in terms of features, iOS generally comes late to the party, but tends to implement those old features better than has obtained on Android. Team Android forever claims first strike, while Team iOS proudly claims to have it better. I think such rivalry is great for the industry. In this article I point out four iOS 16 features that Android cell phone users have had for longer.

iOS 16 features

Lockscreen Widgets

Whoever thought lockscreen widgets would be a thing on iOS one day. But it was only a matter of time, as soon as Apple announced widgets for use on iPhone home screen. It made sense that those would make it to the lockscreen too some day. And they now have, in iOS 16. Not only that, lockscreen widgets are the most visual addition addition to iOS 16. Really.

Live Caption

Accessibility is important today, .ore than ever before. iOS 16 takes a huge step in providing that with the introduction of real-time transcriptions for conversations, audio, and videos on iPhones. Android users have had this for a few years already and iPhone users will be chuffed to be able to enjoy this feature too, now.

Translate Camera

If, when you first heard of Translate Camera in iOS 16, your mind went to the Google Translate app for Android, you know the smartphone industry well. Yes; you can now point your iPhone camera at anything that has text on it, capture it, and have the translation printed on the screen for you. Nifty.

Undo Sending Of Emails, And Scheduling Of Emails

For a few years now, Android users have been able to quickly unsend an email after realising they made a mistake somewhere. This feature is such a Godsend and has probably helped pull the world back from the brink of global war at some point. Android users have also been able to schedule emails. And now, these two features have crossed the pond over to iPhones in iOS 16. Here is cheers to more worked wars averted, as iPhone users embrace these productivity features.

While iOS 16 has more to it than the above, these listed ones are those that Android users will tell and brag about as having been copied by Apple. Which is more impactful – to do it first, or to do it better? In the context of the eternal wars between Android phone and iPhone users, the answer probably depends on where your allegiance lies.

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