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5 Fixes For iPhone Not Ringing Out Loud for Incoming Calls

Avatar of Joan Agie By Joan Agie Nov9,2022
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Due to incorrect settings, glitches in the software, or hardware issues, your iPhone may stop ringing out loud when you get calls or texts. This is a problem because it may cause you to unintentionally miss crucial family and professional calls, which is never ideal.

If this is an issue you’re currently experiencing, there’s no cause for alarm. In this guide, we’ll discuss a few potential causes for your iPhone not ringing out loud. We’ll also walk you through the solutions to fix this issue and get your device to ring properly again.

Fixes For iPhone Not Ringing Out Loud for Incoming Calls

Why Is My iPhone Not Ringing Out Loud During Incoming Calls?

Generally, you can rule out hardware failure as the cause of your iPhone’s silence if it hasn’t been physically damaged by a severe fall or another incident. Play some music on YouTube or any other music app to be sure. To turn up the volume on your device, press the Volume Up button on the side. You shouldn’t be concerned if you hear any sounds, which means the speaker is working just fine. You might need to repair the iPhone speaker otherwise.

Once you’re certain that the speaker is functioning, then it’s time to look to improper settings or temporary software issues as the most likely causes for your iPhone not ringing. This could mean you’ve placed the phone in Do Not Disturb or Silent Mode, the ring volume is too low, you’ve blocked incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers, or more. All of these issues will be resolved by the solutions we’ve recommended below.

How Do I Fix My iPhone So It Rings Out During Incoming Calls?

If you’ve confirmed that your speaker is working fine, then you can try one of the fixes below:

Fix iPhone Not Ringing Out: Disable Silent Mode

When you get a call while your iPhone is in vibrate-only mode, it won’t ring. You need to set your phone back to ring mode by flipping the Ring/Silent switch toward the screen in order to correct this. You’ll find this switch on the top left of your iPhone, above the volume up and down buttons.

The slider is usually closer to your phone’s screen while it is in ring mode. It will display an orange strip when it’s in silent mode. Sometimes, you may flip this switch by mistake, so always ensure to check this setting first if you’re not hearing your phone ring out during incoming calls.

Fix iPhone Not Ringing Out: Disable Do Not Disturb

iPhone calls, texts, and app notifications are usually silenced and the vibration is turned off by the Do Not Disturb function. Your iPhone won’t ring for incoming calls if you’ve unintentionally turned Do Not Disturb on.

Open the Control Center and check to see if the crescent moon icon shows purple and if its box is lit up to confirm this. Do Not Disturb mode is on when the icon is purple, so you’ll need to tap this box to make it inactive. Now whenever you receive a call, you should hear the ringtone. The same holds true for your iPhone’s Work and Personal Focus settings.

Fix iPhone Not Ringing Out: Disconnect Any Connected Bluetooth Audio Devices

Your incoming call ringtone may play through your AirPods instead of the phone speaker if you leave such wireless audio devices connected to your iPhone. This typically occurs with earphones from other brands that don’t recognize when you’re wearing them.

By using the Control Center and clicking the Bluetooth icon, you may turn off all wireless devices. Go to Settings > Bluetooth to individually disconnect devices. Incoming calls should begin to play through your iPhone’s speakers after you unplug your Bluetooth devices.

Fix iPhone Not Ringing Out: Increase the Ringtone Volume

Sometimes, you may hear the ringtone but it’ll sound really faint.   If you turn up the ring volume, you can remedy this in a flash. This is how to do it:

  • Select Sounds & Haptics from the Settings menu. This feature is known as Sounds on earlier iPhone models.
  • Move the slider for Ringer and Alerts to the right. Your ringtone will be louder the further to the right it is.

Additionally, you might wish to disable the Change with Buttons function. By doing this, you can avoid accidentally turning down the ringtone volume with the physical volume controls. The volume controls will only adjust the volume for media when this option is off, not your ringtone.

Fix iPhone Not Ringing Out: Disable the “Turn Off Unknown Callers” Feature

The Silence Unknown Callers function on iPhones running iOS 13 and later mutes all incoming calls from callers who aren’t in your contact list. Additionally, it blocks calls from individuals you have never contacted or whose numbers you’ve never received (via call, text, or email).

With this setting turned on, you might not hear the incoming ringtone if someone like a delivery person or distant relative calls you. If you decide to disable the setting, follow these steps:

  • Click Phone in the Settings app.
  • Turn off Silence Unknown Callers from the following screen by tapping it if it reads On beside it.

In summary, these actions can help you restore your iPhone to a normal ring during incoming calls. You could also consider restarting your device or double-checking in case you’ve blocked the caller. These are other issues that could be causing your phone not to ring out loud.

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