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4 Cool Features From James Bond Cars That Are Available Today

James bond cars
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The thing about cars is that people tend to want more and more gadgets strapped to their hoods, doors, mirrors and even tires. A whole new generation has been influenced by James Bond movies where the titular character didn’t just have his wits about him but also had cool technology to help him beat the bad guys. When those movies first came out, most of those tricks were pure science fiction and movie goers were left in awe. Now however, many of those gimmicks seen in James Bond Cars are now available on real cars. We have a few for you.

James bond cars

Calling from your car

There used to be a time when people could only dream of being able to place calls directly from their car. It was truly the ultimate “mobile” solution. That is no longer the case as mobile phones have been around for a very long time. Also for a very long time, people have had the comfort of Bluetooth technology and through it they can hook up their phones to the car system easily. Plus some new car systems have inbuilt software and hardware that you can place calls with even without using your phone. You can even do video calls in some cars.

James Bond Cars Can Stop Enemies In Their Tracks

Today, having something spew from the rear side of your car directly onto the portion of the road behind you and in the path of a pursuing vehicle is a huge cliché. That doesn’t mean that people weren’t excited to see it happen when it first started popping up in movies, cartoons and even video games many years. If you really want to, you can have a system like that hooked up to your own car. However there’s not much legality behind the concept, nor will it be soon approved by local authorities. Just be aware that the technology exists today.

Amphibian Cars: James Bond Cars Can Swim

Another really cool thing to see on TV some time ago was a car that could turn into a naval vehicle in an instant. There are such things as amphibian vehicles available nowadays and they offer users the opportunity to traverse land and water, switching at the user’s will. The really neat thing is that this is more than just a gimmick. It’s actually something really useful that has transitioned from screen to reality very nicely and is used today by those who need that kind of mobility either for their line of work or personal convenience.

James Bond Cars Switch Plates

The law requires all registered vehicles to have a license plate. That makes it really hard to be mischievous on the road because the police can easily authenticate you and know where to find you. But what if you could switch your license plate with the push of a button? You’d be pretty much invisible. It is easier to be up to no good when no one knows who you are. That being said it is best if you keep that to an academic curiosity and not try to pull it off. But the technology to do it exists should you need to go on an undercover operation. Other than that, please stay law abiding.

To Infinity And Beyond!

It is very exciting to see how far technology has come along. In James Bond movies, our favourite licensed secret agent was able to pull off many neat stunts with the help of incredible cars. We already have experimental and pre-production flying cars. One day, reality will surpass James Bond.

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