Jumia Mobile Megathon and Jumia Mobile Week: All you need to know

Posted by Etoniru Chibueze

Almost everywhere on the internet, you must’ve have heard of these phrases “Jumia Mobile Megathon” or “Jumia Mobile Week” mentioned somewhere or somehow. For clarification, both phrases are actually referring to one thing. Nigeria’s biggest online store, Jumia in collaboration with relevant mobile brands in Nigeria will be hosting what they term as ,”The biggest mobile sales event of 2015″.

This is slated to start from June 1- June 7, 2015. Each mobile brand is dedicated a day to offer discount sales, flash sales and best mobile deals to customers. Participating brands include: Innjoo, Infinix, LG, Samsung, TECNO, Lenovo, Apple, Wiko, and others.

Some of the brands are already coming up with new devices to be sold at the event. Innjoo just launched the Innjoo Fire which has been confirmed, Infinix is lining up a new Hero too. The likes of Samsung and LG might bring us the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and LG G4 respectively.

MTN has joined in the fray too offering up to 3GB of free data with every phone purchased and other freebies. Jumia has teased this to even be bigger than their Black Friday sales. So everyone gird your loins in anticipation.

You can visit the official Jumia Mobile Megathon Page to subscribe for deal alerts.


  1. Good one. For those who need or want new devices

    So everyone gird your loins in anticipation.

    I’d rather guard my purse, instead.A cheap deal is not necessarily a good deal. I happen not to need a device, and I refuse to be tempted by low prices 😉

  2. I hope this isn’t going to be like the last big something where they’re selling items no longer in stock but taking people’s money? I hope they’ve learned from last year’s fiasco.

  3. Hot, hot, hot! I’m readying my purse! From what I’ve read elsewhere, each brand has it’s own day.
    Day 1: InnJoo
    2: Infinix
    3: Tecno
    4: Apple (I’m surprised they’re participating!)
    5: Lenovo
    6: Samsung
    7: LG

    Plus, free 3GB data from MTN on any of the devices purchased.

  4. Apple participating?
    How is that even possible, the last I checked Apple were yet to launch their products officially in Nigeria or even Africa. Am I missing something here?

  5. Apple is actually participating. They narrowly missed out being part of the Tech Bloggers conference, reason because they were the last to be contacted.

  6. what if u know someone that does need a fone, can’t u purchase one for him/her?

  7. I’m more interested in the 3gb data from mtn. Hope there are loopholes to tap into that by imei tweaking. Lol….

  8. Interesting to note that, with the exception of the iPhones, the rest are Android phones.

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