How to Turn Off or Modify Low Battery Warning Sounds in Android 9

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Our smartphone batteries will eventually run out of power whether we like it or not, but that doesn’t make the situation any less annoying. For one thing, the batteries tend to run out just when you need your smartphone the most, especially when there’s no way to charge immediately. Also, if you have an Android 9.0 smartphone, you may already be accustomed to the loud, obnoxious sound that the low battery indicator emits.

While we may not be able to do much to keep your phone from dying (besides advising you to plug in your device), we can provide you with some tips to stop the low battery indicator sounds if you don’t particularly care for them. Pay attention to the instructions we’ve provided in this guide to turn off low battery warning sounds or change them entirely on your Android smartphone.

How to Turn Off or Modify Low Battery Warning Sounds in Android 9 Phones

How Can I Stop the Low Battery Warning Sounds on My Android Smartphone?

Google is extending Notification Channels, which were first introduced in Android 8.0 Oreo, with Android 9.0 Pie. They are expanding Notification Channels to integrate built-in apps like System UI, which controls the low battery notification among other things. 

In addition to requiring all new applications and updates to target Oreo, it also forces more apps to use the functionality. In other words, you can now modify the low battery notification’s appearance or even disable it entirely.

In Android 9.0 Pie devices, you have two options for handling those obtrusive “Battery is low” notifications: you may either reduce their intrusiveness by changing how the notifications appear or completely disable them. We’ll go over both approaches below, beginning with how to turn the notification off.

Turning Off the Low Battery Notification

Select “Apps & notifications” from the main Settings menu once it has opened. Click on  the three vertical dots in the top-right corner, then select “see all X apps” (X will represent the number of apps you have installed on your phone). To see the system apps in the list, select “Show system.”

Once found, choose “System UI” from the list to access its App Info page. To view a list of all the different notification categories the System UI app has created, select “Notifications.”

To turn off notifications, locate the checkbox beside “Battery” and simply click on it. To save your selection, click the back arrow in the top-left corner. If everything went as it should, a notification reading “1 category deleted” will appear at the bottom of this panel, indicating that battery notifications have been disabled.

Changing How the Low Battery Notification Appears

When low battery alerts are turned off, you won’t have to face the irritating alert once the battery reaches 15%. However, you should be aware that turning off this alert might not exactly be the best decision. The warning won’t annoy you once turned off, but you’ll also not be able to continually monitor your battery level, so you won’t be aware when your phone’s power is about to run out.

This is why it’s great that Android Pie offers you more than just the option to disable the low battery notification. The alarm can also be customized to your preferences. To do this, choose “Battery” from the list of options instead of the checkbox on the App Info page for System UI. Selecting “Behavior” will then show you a variety of options for customizing the notifications.

Select “Show silently” to disable the sound only while still showing the notification on your screen. However, you can select “Show silently and minimize” if you don’t want the warning to play any sound or flash on your screen. With this selection, any warning will be accompanied by an alert on your notification shade.

In order to stop this notification from bothering you while Do Not Disturb mode is activated, you can opt to deactivate “Override Do Not Disturb” after selecting the option.

In summary, you’re free to choose whether you’d prefer to disable low battery notifications completely or simply how the alert shows up on your Android smartphone. 

However, while it’s great that you least have the choice now, you should also keep in mind that you’re supposed to charge your smartphone frequently. You should as well take care to avoid letting your phone get to such a low battery level in the first place.

If you know any other Android 9.0 smartphone users that might benefit from the tips in this guide, make sure to recommend it to them.

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