How to Make Photos Look More Natural on Samsung Phones

If you typically use Samsung phones, particularly those models in the mid-price range, you may have noticed that these devices sometimes over-sharpen and oversaturate photos. In such a case, you may be seeking ways to make photos look more natural on Samsung phones.


Some  Samsung phones are less trustworthy than iPhones in the aspect of picture quality because they tend to produce more variable outcomes, as opposed to the consistent results you can expect from iPhones.

How to Make Photos Look More Natural on Samsung Phones

In this guide, we’ll explain why Samsung phones tend to overprocess images and produce unnatural-looking results. We’ll also show you how you can use the original camera app to make photos look more natural on Samsung phones.

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Why Do Samsung Phones Over-Process Photos?

To successfully make photos look more natural on Samsung phones, you should first understand why these devices typically overprocess images. 

It may already be common knowledge to you that every smartphone manufacturer creates their own algorithms for image processing that influence how your photos turn out eventually. Now, even though camera hardware matters, smartphone photography is becoming more and more focused on how these algorithms edit your photographs after you’ve already taken them.


As a result, the finished product is rarely similar to what you observe in the viewfinder before capturing the image. For instance, experts that compared the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera to that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max reported that iPhones don’t have this issue because they favor realism to editing photos after taking them. However, this is not the case for Samsung phones and other Android brands.

Android OEMs seem more interested in making images appear as “finished” as possible so that you can share them immediately without editing. While this calibration might be beneficial, the disadvantage is that it’s hard to know the results to expect when you take pictures with your camera.

It’s important to note here that aggressive processing is not always undesirable. For instance, consider the fact that many users appreciate the way images on Pixel phones look. However, Samsung phones in the mid-price range do not receive the same camera treatment as flagships. This in turn results in photographs that appear artificial and over-edited. 


With that being said, if you’d rather make photos look more natural on Samsung phones, consider the instructions below.

How to Make Photos Look More Natural on Samsung Phones

Not many people like over-processed effects on photos, so it becomes important to find out how to make photos look more natural on Samsung phones. 

To do this, open the camera app, navigate to Camera settings, then disable Scene optimizer and Auto HDR. This action will reduce the amount of processing the phone performs after you take a shot without completely removing the effects.

It’s important to keep in mind that when you opt to turn off Scene Optimizer, you’ll disable the camera app’s ability to recognize and scan documents immediately from the viewfinder. As such, if you’re a Samsung user that tends to scan a lot of documents on your phone, it might be more beneficial to keep this feature turned on.


It should also be noted that this action may have a negative impact on low-light performance. This is because intensive processing on Samsung devices helps to emphasize light and detail in light settings that are not so ideal. You may also notice that daytime images appear flat and lack vibrancy, making them less appealing.

So, these are some things to consider before disabling these features to make photos look more natural on Samsung phones.

In conclusion, despite the drawbacks, following the instructions in this guide is ideal if you’re looking to make photos look more natural on Samsung phones. It’s a good idea to compare your photographs with and without Scene Optimizer and Auto HDR to determine which photo quality you prefer.

If you don’t like editing your own photos, leaving those options on can also be more convenient. Alternatively, you can use the Play Store to download various camera apps that process photographs differently and may be better suited for you to make photos look more natural on Samsung phones.

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