It is no longer news that the mobile web is here to stay. It is the buzz these days. I do have a question: Do

Making Money from the Mobile Web

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It is no longer news that the mobile web is here to stay. It is the buzz these days.


I do have a question: Do you know of any Nigerian individual or organisation who is actually making money from the mobile web in any way? Are you aware of any Nigerian mobile website that is actually generating some income (directly or indirectly) for its owner(s)? If you do, please tell us something about such a success story.

Contributions please.


  1. @Olushola: Here are 3 -1. By providing a paid service2. By providing free information, or a free service, and creating revenue from adverts3. By providing free information in your area of specialty as a means of generating a clientele for your services

  2. I have made significant income from the mobile web over the years using models 2 and 3 above. I’m thinking that its time we begin to talk about these things and explore avenues in a concerted effort.

    If we can get a handful of people who have put the mobile web to profitable use, then we have a place to start our exploration from.For example, I also know that The Punch has a paid mobile service (see:, and I’m asking around to find out how much of a success it has been.

    Zain also has paid downloads and information on their mobile portals, but are people buying? I’m scouting for more.The question of how to make payments over mobile is there. SMS? Credit/debit cards? ATM Cards? Possibilities. Possibilities.

  3. Bayuze, well, yes; I have made and continue to make money from the mobile web. But I am interested in hearing of others besides myself who have too. I am wondering at the level of creativity and dynamism of Nigerians in this area.

    For the following reasons, I’m not expecting much:

    1. many Nigerian websites are not generating income for their owners, so cases of income-generating mobile sites are bound to be fewer

    2. many Nigerians still generally ignore mobile web development, though they surf the mobile web extensively (as reported by Opera and Alireta)

    Still, the fact that Nigerians surf the mobile web as extensively as has been reported indicates that there is cash to be made there.

  4. Those websites that people can money from suppose to create mobile version of those websites so that those that browse with mobile phones can join.

  5. Websites that provide making money online suppose to create mobile version of those websites to enable those who browse with mobile phones to start making money online.

  6. Making money from the mobile web? No problem! I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that there are people making the proverbial MINT to go out and online to tell us how GREAT internet services are on whatever line happens to be SPONSORING THEM!

    What? You say that Nigerian phone internet is 100% honest? There IS no bribery nor lying being done to entice suck- um, CUSTOMERS to get them to buy all these decomissioned “James Bond toys,” that work FINE the FIRST day (the first couple of hours), then drop to *Download speed 0.5kb/sec.* *Time to complete download: 52 years.* *Popup alert! Can we interest you in a subscription retirement plan…?*

    No one is making money off of getting people to sign up to all these mobile services that nearly don’t work? Just function enough to SAY they provided something? HOW CAN THAT BE POSSIBLE? In NIGERIA? At the very least their lawyers gotta be getting serious cholesterol out of this!

  7. I think a lot of thought should be given to the development of income yielding websites considering the number of young nigerians that actual use the mobile web.if 4 anything the mobile web should be an avenue for reaching that percentage of nigerians who prefer to surf the mobile web due to its ease of access and less stress.This percentage is growing by the day and quite frankly i believe that the future of the internet lies in the mobile web network.

  8. Kolu, you are mixing up the mobile web with mobile internet service providers. The question is about making money from deploying mobile websites (the mobile web); not mobile internet services.

    Of course, you are right in that mobile internet service providers are making loads of money – and from usually sub-standard services!

  9. Hi yomi,

    I loved ur 2 part articles titled “They are gone, and I am still here“. Those articles actually made me subscribe 2 ur newsletter. I am internet savvy. Howeva, i DESIRE to know how to make money from the mobile web and the internet.

    I know that to create wealth, u must first create value and give it. And that am ready to do if you’d show me the way.

    Can u share Top 10 activities you can do on ur mobile web to make money online? I am tired of the hype!

  10. Otolorin,

    Thanks. I will be delighted to share what I do know.

    I am putting together some resources to this end. It is taking a little while, as I still have my job to run, but they’ll be ready soon. You can be sure of receiving updates by subscribing to my newsletter here.

    Once you are subscribed, you can be sure to hear from me when those resources are ready.


  11. Hi yomi,

    it’s otolorin again! Thanks for prompt again. To be sincere with you,am desperate to start any online business you suggest. While ur resource is being prepared,i just need ur suggestions on what i can start with.

    Do u think customised bulk sms is good?

    U’d feel the tone of desperation in my words simply because i cant afford to be a jobless graduate that has served his fatherland!

    More so,I am 100% fascinated by the internet. Pls,yomi…come quickly to my “macedonia” and help me. Thank you.

  12. Hi yomi,
    I was browsing the web at one time when i came across an opportunity which i think is not opened to nigerians- Recycling Old Phones for New Phones. It seems it’s only open to US and UK.
    How can one start such business in nigeria? Any ideas for nigerian entrepreneurs out there?

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