If marathon battery life is key, try these brands..

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It is interesting to see a category of mobile manufacturers rise up to the challenge of battery power, something that a significant number of smartphone users say is their most important factor on a device. Quite a number of manufacturers now have smartphones with marathon battery life out in the market.

It was Gionee that threw the gauntlet with the Marathon M2 and then Marathon M3 packing a 4,200 mAh and 5,000 mAh battery respectively.

THL 4000 - marathon battery life

Joing Marathon Battery Life Gang

Now, THL has stepped up to the late with the 4000, a 4.7-inch display, quad-core processor, Android Kitkat smartphone packing a 4,000 mAh battery. A battery that large for now means that a smartphone cannot keep a very slim profile, and the THL 4000’s dimensions reflect that at 140 x 68 x 11.2mm. It weighs 158g too. Not quite bad. For the peace of mind that it provides in terms of battery charge, that is a fair compromise. But best of all, it costs just $99 only. That is about N19,000 at the new spiralling exchange rate.

If marathon battery life is what you are after the most in a modern smartphone, at least you know that certain brands cater to your need. Gionee is one. THL is another.


  1. I have rocked the Gionee M2 since October 1 and haven’t looked back. Once I get tired of the phone, the M3 shall be next to be rocked.

  2. Yup; THL and Gionee seem to be championing insane.battery lives. And, having plenty of battery juice like this is like driving to Sambisa forest (during fuel scarcity) from Lagos..with a vehicle that has a tank capacity of 500 litres.

    Peace of mind. Hakuna matata!

    And the attendant increase in weight and voluptuousness is probably a small price to pay..

  3. look up the Elephone P5000 it has a 5350mAh batttery. it measures 144 x 71 x 9.3 mm, has a 1080p 5′ screen and runs kitkat

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