Mobile Phone, Internet & Kids: Tips for Parents

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Children and adolescents grow today with digital media on such course, making the age- and development-oriented media selection is really complex for parents. It becomes even more difficult in the converged digital age where all can be accede from one platform. Here are some tips for parents on how they can manage digital media consumption of their kids:

mobile tips for parents

Tips for Parents: Select age appropriate equipment

For orientation consider the experts’ recommendation which goes by saying that you should not give your child a private phone before the age of 9.

Tips for Parents: Accompaniment especially in the beginning

The handling of digital devices and the Internet must be taught. Tell your kids how they can find what they are looking for? What pages can they trust? Where can they get information from? By teaching this all, help your child to learn safe handling of media. For younger children, parental controls like FamilyTime, Norton Family and Life360 can help a lot. Which makes it handy for parents to keep a check on what their kids are up to.

Tips for Parents: Privacy is important

: Convey your child that they should be careful when sharing personal information. Ask them not to publish embarrassing pictures or send any photos to others online.

Tips for Parents: Set secure mobile settings

Check the mobile phone settings and set appropriate settings such as disabling non-adult sites and chargeable value-added numbers. In order not to accidentally fall into cost traps, it is also convenient to regularly check the phone bill.

Tips for Parents: Help with negative experiences

If your kid is confronted with disturbing images or experiences such as bullying, pornography, violence, they need someone who is there for them and can possibly help them get out of it. Be that person for your kid.

Tips for Parents: Media Times

Set media times as it makes sense to combine temporal regulations. For younger children, setting an alarm or an egg timer can be a good idea. With older children and adolescents, a total weekly media time can be agreed that they can divide on their own freely. For your information, 3 – 6 years old kid should not consume media for more than 30 minutes a day for 6- to 10-year-old it should not be longer than 45 minutes and for 10 to 13-year- the time should not exceed 60 minutes a day.

Tips for Parents: Set Cell-free periods

Do not let your kid use technology at certain time durations such as the meal time, study hours or during night. To set the auto screen locks, you can make use of screen time apps that make the job easy for you.

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