BlackBerry Internet Service traffic down to 1.5%

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Once upon a time, Mobility Arena was teeming with Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) users. BlackBerry Internet Service traffic was huge on this site. As a matter of fact, the whole of Nigeria experienced a deluge of subscribers to the service. Apart from the then BlackBerry cool factor, ultra-low BIS tariff plans made carrying a BlackBerry a very attractive proposition.

BlackBerry Internet Service traffic

But times have changed. First, BlackBerry introduced OS 10 to replace legacy BlackBerry, and even now, the company is in the middle of a transition to Android OS on its devices. A look at a 30-day period (June 2016) of traffic on revealed that for that period BIS servers accounted for only 1.49% of the traffic to this site.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

One can only imagine that this massive drop in BlackBerry Internet Service traffic here is being replicated across hordes of websites across the globe. The age of legacy BlackBerry smartphones is past.Unfortunately, BlackBerry 10 smartphones did not make a huge splash either, despite some really good products in the lineup.


  1. Will even drop further as the countdown to WhatsApp withdrawing support for these devices looms.

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