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MoChat: I dislike the Nokia X; and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a waste of money

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Just this morning, I had a chat with someone who is a huge fan of MOBILITY blog. It was interesting to read his opinions on a number of devices and the brands behind them. I am reproducing his chats word for word here. Enjoy!

From your review, I dislike the Nokia X. The phone is an example of “lukewarmness”. [Nokia] better stay on their lane. Go full Android or stay with Windows [Phone]. I will take a TECNO over it in a heartbeat.

By the way, Samsung Galaxy S5 is a waste of money. HTC One is a good phone. And the iPhone 5S is paparazzi without content.

He also did a profiling of my review style:


You know you have a “tell”. Whenever you review a phone and you compare it to the HTC One X or PureView, then I take that phone serious. But when that comparison is lacking or you compare with a side mouth, the phone is definitely bleh.

LOOOL. I dunno. But y’all read me, so you should know. But, yes; I absolutely loved the HTC One X. Darn combination of sex appeal and power!

Anyway, there you have it – the views of a very loyal Mobilista. If you have views to express too, please hit me up and let’s have a MoChat. For now, I know that some of you are dying to respond to him. Over to you now: give it a shot!

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  2. The NokiaX is a decent effort at a budget phone, that i’ll say but I did get the feeling of indecisiveness from that X platform after handling. But No! I’ll NOT take a Tecno over a Nokia X abeg…class is class, indecisive or not

  3. The thing with Samsung is that they are more concerned about the performance of their smartphones than their looks. I know they would want to make something that looks good and maybe better than the competition but they have to balance that out with the cost of their devices so they make the phones that outshine others in performance while still not looking too shabby. Performance is their forte and those that look out for performance know this, the reason why HTC are still making the better looking devices but lag Samsung devices in performance that matters more to most people if sales indexes is anything to go by.

    HTC keep churning out the better looking devices but since they keep lagging Samsung in the performance department, their sales also keeps lagging Samsung’s. I don’t know why it is so difficult for them to figure this out. Until they try to match Samsung in performance or probably beat them, they will mostly keep capturing the fashion conscious consumers in the Android ecosystem which are not large enough to stand them in good stead against Samsung plastic beasts.

  4. Galaxy s5 is a waste of money….

    Depends who is making the comment.

    For me, I would say that a Samsung s5 (or any phone in that high end category) would be a waste of good money.

    Being a non_ gamer, only doing browsing,, some music/video,
    office document creation and non heavy downloads on my smartphone, I sure don’t need/want a device with all the screaming power. it is an overkill.

    So, yes, an SG s5 (or similar class) would be a wrong deployment of funds…for me…

    If I live permanently in the a city with macadamized roads, what do I need an SUV with full_time AWD for? That’s what people spilling cash on devices they can ill afford , and probably
    dont need…should consider each time they get the new_gadget itch

    As for the Nokia X, if the Nokian Reputation is anything to go by regarding build quality, and running the Ultimate OS..Android.. at that price point, its probably a steal.

    For me, though, devices with miniscule sizes are no longer
    for me. So, I hate the Nokia X for the four inches size (I am eyeing the newly released Tecno s9 smartphone with Seven inches screen size…)

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