Mozilla Finally Makes a Decent Low End Device

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In honoring their ethos of providing most affordable cheap smartphones for developing nations, the company had been sticking to the lowest end of the spec and quality spectrum, sacrificing quality in the name of cost.

Products like the Lumia 520 and the Moto G have made it known that it is possible to effect a workable compromise without skimping too much on quality. Low end does not have to mean terrible device. By golly, the initial Firefox OS phones were indeed terrible.

Mozilla Flame

Perhaps after learning lessons from these, Mozilla has launched a new developer device called “Flame” with a dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor at 1.2GHz, 1GB of RAM and 8GB Memory with a slot for expandable storage. It goes for $170 (about N28,000). It also comes with the usuals like Bluetooth, WiFi, proximity sensor and 3G antenna. Compared to what have been released before, I say this is much improved. The issue of whether enough people care to buy a Firefox phone is another matter entirely.

Source: Neowin

  1. Yeah, I believe there should be a threshold value for hardware for whatever device being released today on any platform and for a nascent platform like the Firefox operating system, it’s even more important to avoid leaving users with a very bad impression of the operating system at inception. Such bad impressions can take a hell of doing to correct in the mind of users.

    My point is, this is not the age of Symbian, this is 2014 and the expectation is really high these days. Even cheap phones from China have good specifications at very affordable prices and perform equally at very acceptable levels. The only thing one may have to worry about these cheap Android devices from China are their durability but while they last, they generally perform. There’s hardly any Android device within the 28K range from say Tecno today that won’t give very acceptable performance apart from their usual internal storage issues. This present Firefox device must perform at least at that the same level or it may be game over for the platform.

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