New Realme UI rolls out to replace ColorOS in Realme phones

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2020 has gotten off to a busy start for tech and phone companies despite being a little over two weeks into the new year. One of the new developments is the launch of a new user interface by Realme, the subsidiary of OPPO Mobile. The new user interface is called Realme UI.

The new Realme UI brings certain visual changes like the app icon redesign and customization options. It is also set to enhance “screen fluency” among several other feature upgrades.

Android 10 Realme UI for Realme-XT

Realme says its new UI runs the newest version of quantum animation engine, enhancing screen fluency during use. According to the company, this will help the interface cut down on power consumption while providing an improved performance.

Realme UI has a focus mode which can isolate users from the outside world, as well as the three-finger snapshot gesture already seen in a number of other custom Android skins. This lets users take screenshots by holding down their three fingers on the screen for a few seconds. Users can also swipe down the screen to the exact point where they want the screenshot taken, thereby doing away with the need to crop a photo after taking a screenshot.

The new Realme UI has new icons, wallpapers, colors and animations. Users are also able to customize app icons and control shape and sizes of icons as well.

Realme UI Now Rolling Out

The new user interface has begun to roll out, first to the Realme 3 Pro, and quickly followed by Realme XT. The Realme X and Realme 5 Pro will get the new UI in February with other Realme devices getting the new UI updates in the coming months.

Meanwhile, OPPO phones will continue to use ColorOS, which has been upgraded to version 7.

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