No iPhone 14 mini: Here is why Apple is discontinuing the 5.4-inch display

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Industry insiders and leaksters have told us that there shall be no iPhone 14 mini announced later this year. According to these reports, Apple is not testing an iPhone 14 mini and the company has no plans to continue to make any more phones with the mini’s 5.4-inch display size. It is the end of the road for the iPhone mini.

If you want a small-sized iPhone, you will have to settle for the SE range, or pick the smaller variant of the vanilla iPhone 14 model, which will come in 6.1 and 6.7 inches sizes this year. 6.1 inches isn’t bad at all, especially with thin bezels all round.

There will be no iPhone 14 mini, as Apple discontinues the small display model.
There will be no iPhone 14 mini, as Apple discontinues the small display model.

Why is Apple getting rid of the iPhone Mini?

In simple terms: the numbers are not adding up . It is not making enough money for it to be worth the effort. The iPhone 13 mini is currently making up about 3% of Apple’s smartphone sales [1]. It is a drastic drop from the iPhone 12 Mini’s already poor sales.

If the numbers are anything to go by, many consumers have voted for larger screen size by refusing to buy the iPhone mini. It isn’t just a phenomenon in one country; the pattern is global. Whether it is in the United States, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, or Australia, the iPhone mini is not doing the kind of numbers to make it worth developing, and so Apple has made the decision to drop it.

Answers to your questions

Will iPhone 14 have a mini version?

According to reports, there will be no iPhone 14 mini announced. Apple is ending the mini range.

Is iPhone 13 mini The last mini iPhone?

Yes; iPhone 13 is the last mini, as there will be no iPhone 14 mini.

Will Apple make another iPhone Mini?

No; they will not. The iPhone 13 mini is the last mini.


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