No other tool as helpful in fighting Ebola as the mobile phone – USAID

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SMS on Ebola
Image Source: Critical Key to Stopping Ebola? Mobile Phones

USAID has published a report that says that of all the tools used in the Ebola response, none have been more helpful than the mobile phone.

Among the technological tools that have amplified the Ebola response, arguably none has been more helpful than the mobile phone.

A decade ago, a small percentage of West Africans had access to cellphones. Now, mobile phones allow us to connect those in need with those who can help. Families of the sick can call emergency Ebola hotlines, social mobilizers can share tips for community engagement, individuals can resolve Ebola rumors by texting local radio stations, health workers can be paid electronically, and clinics can flag when they’re low on supplies.

All hail the almighty mobile phone.



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