MobilityArena’s Nokia 2.2 Giveaway winner is unveiled

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The last few weeks have been interesting here at MobilityArena, as participants engaged and submitted entries for our Nokia 2.2 giveaway. In all, we received a total of 81 entries. There were no disqualifications. And now, it is time to announce who our Nokia 2.2 Giveaway winner is.

This morning, using the random selection tool provided in the software that we used for the giveaway exercise we selected a winner. Please roll the drums for the winner of our Nokia 2.2 giveaway, Mbonu Goodness.

Announcing MobilityArena's Nokia 2.2 Giveaway winner
Announcing MobilityArena’s Nokia 2.2 Giveaway winner

After picking the winner, we thought the name sounded familiar and did some digging around. We found out that it looks like Mbonu was also one of the two winners in our 2013 Giveaway, taking home a JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker. If he is the same person, this is his second time on the giveaway pedestal here. In his entry back then, Goodness stated that he had been reading MobilityArena since his secondary school days!

We are going to have to ask him how old he is now for context. 😀 That is, if it is the same person.

Anyway, this giveaway is over and we have a winner. We thank everyone who participated and look forward to giving out another package soon.

In the meantime, we will be expecting an email response from the winner. If we do not get one within 5 working days, according to standard practice, we will have to pick another winner and send the Nokia 2.2 to them.

Have a beautiful week ahead, friends!

Update: Our winner, Goodness Mbonu, has been confirmed via email and he is the same person, as we suspected. His Nokia 2.2 package will be on its way to him shortly. Of course, we will update you with a photo when it gets to him. Meanwhile, about that age thing, Goodness says he is 26 now.

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