The Nokia N8 might be making a 2018 comeback too

Posted by Mister Mobility

HMD Global have a magic wand that has the power to raise the dead, and they have been putting it to good use. So far, the Nokia phone manufacturer has resurrected the 3310, the Matrix phone, the X6, and it looks like a Nokia N8 2018 comeback is up next.

The company has a teaser on Weibo, where they mention the Nokia N-series and include a picture of the Nokia N8. For those who arrived in smartphones late, the Nokia N8 was the top cameraphone in its day. It was a legendary device with a superb 12 megapixels camera and Neon flash.

Down Memory Lane With Nokia N8

Nokia N8 was one of Nokia’s camera phone champs and was so good that TV shows were shot on it back then. See Phoney – Kenyan TV Series shot on Nokia N8 and The Commuter – Short movie shot on a Nokia N8. PiX Magazine even did their December/January 2011 Cover Shoot using the Nokia N8. Someone kickstarted his professional photography career with a Nokia N8.

HMD’s Nokia N8 2018 Comeback Teaser

HMD’s teaser hints a launch date of between April 27 and May 2, 2018, so we do not have too long to wait any more. Here is the Weibo teaser.

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