Nokia N9 will run Android applications

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For those who have been worried about availability of apps for the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 announced this week, fear not. In addition to apps created specifically for MeeGo (including Qt-based apps), a software named Alien Dalvik lets you run unmodified Android applications on non-Android devices will be available for the N9 later this year.

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  1. this is definitely good news for those Meego fans out there and for the meego community in general. It would help developer quickly populate the Ovi Store for Meego. But that itself would only be possible it nokia should commit to the meego ecosystem by releasing more devices. With devices as such i would be moved to say that Nokia hastening jumped on to the WP7 ecosystem. But only time would tell how the clock ticks

  2. Nice one there! Now Meego will put up a strong showing in this app-centric mobile tech era.

  3. So, there’s gonna be two stores on the phone or getting andriod apps will be via web. I think it’s a bitch move taking because of the uncertainty of meego future. Unfortunately, I see meego as a treat first to windows then iphone. at least in my head… of cos symbian is dead.

    I don’t think running andriod apps will help its cause, well lets wait for the playbook report card

  4. Hiding under the same umbrella like the Blackberry Playbook.

    But its good news and it will certainly make the N9 more interesting cos the support from Nokia for this device is not encouraging. Or did I missing Something.

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