Nokia says the dumbphone is not dead: meet the Nokia 515

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Nokia 515 DualSIM

In 2013, almost everyone has been screaming that the feature phone is dead. Smartphones have finally overtaken feature phones for the first time? No problem. I am not one of those who are convinced that the dumbphone is dead. After all, the smartphone was not dead for all the years that it was a fraction of the marketshare of dumbphones. There is a huge market for dumbphones, and Nokia is rising to the occassion with a flagship featurephone that ticks all the right boxes. This is the Ferrari of dumbphones.

Enter the Nokia 515

So, what sets the 515 apart? In one word: class!

Nokia claims that the 515 is a classic mobile phone made with premium materials and offering high performance, and that it is suitable for use as your main device or as a companion to your smartphone. This beautiful piece of work is encased in a body constructed from a single piece of anodised, sandblasted aluminium. Did you ever think you would see Gorilla glass on a dumbphone? There’s Gorilla® Glass 2 protecting the curved display. The keymat is made of a new hardened polycarbonate resin. Beyond the superb body, here are the rest of what the Nokia 515 packs:

2.4” QVGA LCD 262k display
114 x 48 x 11 mm; 101.1g
5 megapixel camera with voice-guided self-portrait
256 MB internal memory
support for up to 32GB microSD card
3.5G HSDPA internet connection
USB tethering
Mail for Exchange
Nokia Xpress browser
Facebook, Twitter and Nimbuzz are preloaded
Access to thousands of other apps from the Nokia Store.
up to 38 days standby (with single SIM inside)

This is a very capable dumbphone. The 5 megapixel camera in there is cool, and that battery life is to die for. It remains to be seen how well it will sell though, as it is said to be hitting the market at $150 (over N20,000). But I can see how it has a place. For example, I hate carrying two large phones about. So, if I need a smaller, basic phone to serve as backup to my primary smartphone but I don’t want to be seen with a cheap device, this is the phone to splurge on. Placing this classy beauty on any table in any board room, and no-one will look down their nose at me.

  1. Feature phone at N20,000? I bet you most people who buy this wont use this a feature phone or back up. Lets face it with the likes of tecno p3 around, even a smartphone is cheaper than this. Bad move nokia, dont follow blackberry’s dying trend.

  2. Smart move, Nokia!

    I’m gonna buy the new 515 phone.
    It’s worth the price.

    Please bring it to Nigeria before Christmas.

    My festive season’s plan is to buy the new Galaxy Note 3 and Nokia 515.
    No combination can beat this!

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