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In a recent interview, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has said that his company is working on a tablet. Here are key points from Stephen’s responses –

  • he wants Nokia to produce something unique
  • he doesn’t believe that a tablet stands a chance of succeedding if it doesn’t stand out from the crowd of similar products
  • he considers Android to be the biggest challenger and not Apple’s iOS
  • the design team are weighing options of what OS to use – MeeGo or Windows?

Watch the full interview (video is in English); via GSMArena Blog

  1. Too many cooks REALLY do spoil the broth.

    How many chestnuts can Nokia simultaneously keep in the fire?

    Just wondering..

  2. I can very much agree with CEO Elop on this one. With myriads of tablets out there, Nokia needs something unique. Something that will not only stand out as different, but also meet the needs of the users.

    If a windows tablet could be made with better fluidity and ease of use than existing android tabs, it will not only compete favourably but might also replace the netbook.

  3. I totally agree with Steven Elop with this one, in order to adequately grab the consumer’s attention, Nokia has to be able to differentiate it’s tablet from iPad and make it something one would pick out of the hordes of Android tablets out there. Which by the way are so numerous and are getting innumerable these days with tablets from samsung, acer, sony, barnes & noble Nook.

  4. Its OK to be late provided you are bringing something outstanding and revolutionary.

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