Nothing Phone (2) will be more premium and be released in the U.S. in 2023

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New smartphone maker, Nothing technologies, has confirmed that the United States will be a priority when they release the Nothing Phone (2) towards the end of 2023. The company released its first smartphone in 2022 without a U.S. release. The Phone (1) was later made available in the US through a beta release and with limited network compatibility and no after-sale support.

According to Inverse [1], Carl Pei. CEO and co-founder of Nothing, says that the company “decided to make the U.S. our No. 1 priority in terms of markets”. Pei added that Nothing did not have the resources to work with US carriers on certification and adapting of their features to Nothing OS, but that the company possesses those resources now.

Nothing Phone (2) will be "more premium" than the Phone (1).
Nothing Phone (2) will be “more premium” than the Phone (1).

What else did Carl Pei divulge about the Phone (2)? Nothing much, except that it will be “a smartphone that’s more premium than the Nothing Phone (1) and software will be a big focus area” for the company. from the company’s operational philosophy, we can safely project that though the Nothing Phone (2) will be a premium phone, it will not feature a premium flagship processor. Instead, the company will continue to offer a smooth and unique user experience like it did with the Phone (1).

According to Carl Pei, focusing on the US market is a no brainer because the country accounts for about one third of Nothing earbuds sales, suggesting that Nothing is leaving money on the table by not selling in the US. When will the Nothing Phone (2) be released? There is no official word on that yet, but you can expect it in late 2023.


Inverse interview with Carl Pei (source)

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