OnePlus 3T might not be the most powerful phone anymore: Here’s why

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Earlier this year, AnTuTu released a list of the most powerful smartphones for 2016.  The results were gotten from average scores of benchmark tests, all conducted on their app. OnePlus 3T topped the list. But new reports are suggesting otherwise. It seems the result were falsified. Put more succinctly, OnePlus cheated.

OnePlus 3T

How OnePlus cheated?

Research from Geekbench and XDA developers revealed that the OnePlus 3T performed reasonably faster when running some selected apps (benchmark apps), than when running other apps. The processors where set to clock higher speeds when the phone was running a benchmark app. See cheating. Meizu was guilty of the same sin with their Meizu Pro 6 phone.

OnePlus was reached for a comment on the issue, and they confirmed the act. They claimed it was done to improve performance of their phones on high intensive applications and games. See the official statement:

‘In order to give users a better user experience in resource intensive apps and games, especially graphically intensive ones, we implemented certain mechanisms in the community and Nougat builds to trigger the processor to run more aggressively. The trigger process for bench-marking apps will not be present in upcoming OxygenOS builds on the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.’

They promised to remove the trick in a new software update. Therefore, the OnePlus 3T might no longer remain as the most powerful device for 2016. Do you think OnePlus is right with their statement? Your thoughts.



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  1. That’s innovative, really and follows a technology currently been implemented in Windows 10, called “Game Mode”, which actually frees the processing power when games are running for maximum experience. But…:)

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