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OnePlus becomes an independent brand under OPPO

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new journey for oneplus
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You might not have been aware of it, but OnePlus and OPPO have the same roots. Until today, they were siblings under a parent company called BBK Electronics. In the last one year, both companies have been working together, sharing resources, especially in research and development, as well as product strategy. Today, that partnership got a stronger seal as OnePlus has become an independent brand under OPPO.

Outside of China, OnePlus might appear to be the bigger brand because of its popularity online, but OPPO really is the bigger of the two. Much bigger, actually. Which is no surprise that OnePlus is the sub-brand in this partnership.

OnePlus becomes an independent brand under OPPO

I reached out to OPPO Mobile on the development and I got this statement:

In order to further enhance synergy and better combine the strengths and resources, OPPO and OnePlus are taking further steps to complete their integration with one another, with OnePlus to become an independent brand within OPPO.

“Following the integration, OPPO and OnePlus will be better positioned to work together to bring more innovative and differentiated product to consumers, as well as delivering more convenient and improved services.

“The OnePlus brand is staying and will continue to run independently of OPPO, while collaborating behind the scenes.”

A new journey for OnePlus under OPPO

Will OnePlus drop OxygenOS for ColorOS?

The question on the lips of many OnePlus fans is that of whether this partnership will affect OxygenOS. Will OnePlus smartphones switch to using ColorOS (OPPO’s custom Android skin)? Some OnePlus phones use ColorOS in China. But OPPO says that OxygenOS is here to stay for use in OnePlus smartphones. That is excellent news for fans of the brand.

However, a leaked internal memo gives cause for raised eyebrows and suspicion about that. A key part of that leaked memo instructs staff not to respond to any OS or ColorOS questions that target the integration announcement. They were to only use a response that says, “We currently do not have any updates regarding the operating systems. Please stay tuned to our official channels”

This definitely raises questions about the future of OxygenOS. Time will reveal all things.

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