Advertisement In the past, Mobility blog has given away freebies, including smartphones across the whole range. Sometimes, it is entirely our own initiative. At other times, certain…

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In the past, Mobility blog has given away freebies, including smartphones across the whole range. Sometimes, it is entirely our own initiative. At other times, certain brands have partnered with us. However the freebies are arranged, we intend to continue to do so.

We intend to keep a reward system in motion such that those who help make this blog the vibrant community that it is get to benefit from time to time – and sometimes in very big ways.


Here are the basic guidelines that make you eligible for any of our freebies:

  1. Visit Mobility regularly and join in the discussions. Submit comments. Help others with information.
  2. Use your real names email address when commenting. This is how the identities of winners will be verified and winners will be contacted via email, so be sure to use your real names email address when posting your comments.

There may be other guidelines in addition to the above, depending on the type of process leading to each specific freebie. We may also not necessarily announce a freebie or competition upfront, depending on the purpose.


Easter 2012 giveaway!

It is Easter time now, and we got a surprise package at Mobility Towers today. As such, We have something special this Easter period – a top-of-the-line smartphone for one lucky winner. What smartphone is that and who shall the “best” man or woman be?

Hang on. The good news shall be published in time for Good Friday!

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Founder of MobilityArena. Yomi's journey in mobile started in 2001. Besides obsessing over mobile phones, he also started creating WAP sites (early mobile-friendly websites created with WML). He began writing about phones in 2004 and has been at it since then. He has owned over 200 devices, from Symbian, Palm, PocketPC/Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/BB10, webOS, Windows Phone, Firefox, Ubuntu Touch, to Android, iOS, and KaiOS operating systems.

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  1. A valuable as well as INvaluable blog!

    Salivating. Anticipating
    And hyperventilating!

    I can’t wait.
    No- I can wait!

  2. no thanks. we dont want people like you, always looking for trouble. why dat kind of question.

  3. @Timi:
    no thanks. we dont want people like you

    Are you talking to me?

    You presume to speak for Mr. Mobility because you share similar_sounding names (Yomi / Timi)? What impudence!

  4. lol @timi
    I believe everyone should be eligible, regardless of their agreement or disagreement with Mr. Mobility. Afterall it is what makes the blog peculiar n unique in its own way.

  5. It might leave out a whole bunch of very eligible site regulars simply because they choose not to use their real name?

    I can’t see someone not “winning” based on a disagreement with Mister Mobility (I’m sure he’s bigger than that), only those regular contributors who make useful contributions being excluded because they opt to use a pseudonym.

  6. Contrary opinion help broaden our view and perspective in life. Those with contrary opinion especially if it bothers on possibility thinking do push the world forward.

  7. Hmmmn typical eyebeekay. did i mention any name? is olurotimi not different from yomi.
    what an attitude to issues. its you and will always be you. anyway u are excluded if u say so.

  8. There should be some other verification ways to ascertaining prospective winners’ identities rather than using real names. Mr. Mobility, please reconsider your stand.

  9. So we have to use our real names. Some of us have been using nicknames for long nd we have an ‘identity’ on ground so to say. Are we expected to change and start using real names???

  10. With regards the issue of use of real names, I am sorry, but that condition stands. If you have been using an alias, why not simply add your real full names and attach the alias in parenthesis?

  11. What’s all the fuss about, it seems i am disqualified from this very fantastic thing that is going on here, why (this makes me sad)

    Well i might start using the good old real name.

  12. Mr. Mobility, some of us do prefer an alias. We beg for you to reconsider. You can as well identify us with our emails which are not visible to users but visible to admin! Thanks.

  13. Mr Mobility, i beg that you reconsider the issue of names too o. You have all our emails now, lets use that. But if you insist, me i go go edit my profile straight. I no won miss out.

  14. This na fasting and prayer times, i must to win this Mr Mobility freebie . . this is my month .lol

    Meanwhile i support the motion by Wale falade that Eye.bee.kay needs to be arm twisted to change his obsolete Nokia 5800 . . bros this is ya time . .**winks**

  15. I will quite happily save up and buy than waive my right to anonymity.

    But then I would gladly give my name on condition that Eye.Bee.Kay be given the prize by default!

  16. Bring it on leT me win somethIng from mobility Towers,my huSbanD bought is sAmsunG jet from u guys and his sister who bought a bb tour you. So mayBe something nice is on the way

  17. U guys and eye.bee.kay sha…..always teasing the poor guy…lol

    Don.t mind them o!

    It is a ploy to separate me from my beloved Nokia 5800.

    That effort could be as futile as trying to get federal govt to revert petrol price to N65/litre…

  18. I agree with @afewgoodmen,our style of contributing on this blog is tied to alias(s). though,I had used my real name when i submited my review.Mr Mobility,the richness of this blog like you said is also built on the uniqueness of our nicknames.
    why exclude us now,when it comes to rewarding the men.please reconsider.Imagine me doing away with a netizen,this who I am.not that it cant be changed,but would it be fair?

  19. Yep…Nice blog! Will be giving your site a retweet!!!! Have to agree with afewgoomen though, some do prefer to use their own alias, myself included.

    Best Regards

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