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The latest devices on an Installment plan

Nigeria’s pioneer and foremost tech blog, MobilityArena, has a device financing service that allows you to pay in installments for the latest phones, tablets and laptops. Our Installment Payment Plan allows you to spread your payment over some months.

Over the years, we have heard people ask, “Where can I buy and pay installmentally in Nigeria?” We are glad to tell you that you can now buy your phones, tablets and laptops and pay in two installments through MobilityArena’s Installment payment plan.

Pay in installments for the latest phones, tablets and laptops

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On this service, you can purchase brand new phones, tablets, and laptops and pay installmentally without any security guarantees, and with your payments spread over up to 6 months. Please take note of the following important info about this device financing service, as certain conditions apply:

Because this is a credit service that relies on trust, we need you to build a credit rating with us in the initial stage, after which you get to enjoy greater benefits using the service.

As such, unless we are able to ascertain your creditworthiness by other means, your first instalment purchase will be based on the conditions applicable to Level 1 below, and you then work your way up to Level 4 as you pay up each order on time.

  1. Level 1: Phones costing not more than N60,000 and just two months payments. The first payment will be 60% of the cost of the phone, while the second will be 40% of the cost.
  2. Level 2: Phones costing up to N80,000 with payments spread equally over 2 months.
  3. Level 3: Phones costing up to N100,000 with payments spread equally up to 4 months. You can do 2 months, 3 months if you wish.
  4. Level 4: Phones costing up to N200,000 with payments spread equally up to 6 months.

PS: If you have used our Installmental Payment Plan before and already built creditworthiness with us, the above restrictions do not apply.

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However, if you are new to this service, you may be able to skip the above steps by providing us a government-issue ID card to hold as guarantee till your payment is completed. That means you can purchase a N150,000 phone with your first order on this condition. Your ID document will be returned after your last payment is made. This special facility is available only to residents of Lagos. MobilityArena reserves the right to decline this special facility.

On our plan, you may purchase as many phones as you desire each year. However, you can only purchase one at a time. As soon as you complete payment for one device, you can take up another.

PS: Note that we are able to only guarantee availability of devices that our retail partner has in stock. Under some circumstances, we may be able to obtain devices from other retailers. But at all times, we will fall over ourselves to serve you. Our commitment is to get you the latest phones, tablets and laptops available in the market.

Installment Payment for Phones in Nigeria, buy phones, tablets and laptops and pay in installments

Frequently Asked Questions about our Installment Payment Plan

  1. Delivery of devices within Lagos Mainland-Ikeja-Yaba-Surulere axis – is free. Delivery outside of those areas attracts a fee between N1,000 and N2,000, depending on exact location within Lagos. Delivery within Lagos is done within 24 hours of your order.
  2. For orders from outside Lagos: Shipping of your device is via EMS Speedpost, and the fee is according to their rates. Also note, that we have no control over delivery periods in this instance.
  3. Monthly billing is from the date of each smartphone order.
  4. There is a daily fee of N380 that accrues on late repayments. This fee is applicable for every day a payment is late.

How to get on our Payment Plan

There is a flat annual membership fee of N20,000 for using our Installmental Payment Plan. This flat rate gives you access to buy as many devices as many times as you can during the year and pay in installments for them. This is great value, so you can use one installment payment plan for phones, tablets, and laptops for your family and friends for this flat fee.

Important: We regret to announce that we are unable to service new clients at this time. We welcome you to apply though, so you can be added to our Wait List. That way, we can get back to you as soon as we are able to take on new clients.

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We Welcome Your Questions

If you have questions about our installment payment plan, email business AT domainstandard.com.ng.