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Is Your Cell Phone Hanging? Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why, And What To Do

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Like many people, you have probably wondered why your cell phone hangs, freezes, or pauses in the middle of you carrying out a task with it. Phone hanging is a very common issue experienced by smartphone users. Resolving the issue is not a difficult thing. We have compiled a list of the top reasons why your phone may be hanging, along with easy solutions that you can carry out.

Low Internal Storage Space Can Lead To Phone Hanging

Check your smartphone’s internal storage. If it is getting full, with less than 10% space left free, chances are that it will slow down your phone and even lead to hanging. To resolve this, delete unimportant apps, videos, files (or move them to a memory card).

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A Rogue App Can Leave Your Phone Hanging

Look at the most recently installed applications just before the instability/hanging started. If you did install some apps around that time, chances are that one or more of them are responsible for the hanging. Make a list of the apps, then uninstall all of those apps on the list. If your smartphone runs better after uninstalling them, then it is clear that one or more of them is the culprit. If they are all non-essential apps, you can forget about them and move on.

However, if one of those apps is important to you, you can do something to pinpoint the specific rogue app. Re-install the deleted apps one at a time and check to see how your phone behaves after installing each. You should be able to narrow down the list to the particular app that is messing things up. Once confirmed, delete that app and keep the others.

Too Many Apps Running In The Background

If you have too many apps running at the same time for a long period, this can make your smartphone hang. Shut down some of the apps that are running. Your phone hanging problem should go away, if this was the reason for the problem. You will have to continually keep an eye on running apps though, especially if your phone has a low RAM amount.

Phones with less than 2 GB of RAM are especially probe to this. If your phone has 4 GB RAM and above, you have very little to worry about this happening. You can run many apps at the same time without issues.

A Software Issue May Be Responsible

Underlying software issues can be responsible for your cell phone hanging. Usually, a restart helps. But in extreme cases, a factory reset may be required. This clears up your phone and returns it to factory settings and state. Note that this will delete your apps, videos, music and other files permanently. As such, you should backup all your files before carrying this out. To do a factory reset, go to the Settings menu of your phone and look under Backup & Reset.

Hardware Damage Is Possible, Too

If you have tried out the above solutions and none of them worked, perhaps your phone may have a hardware damage responsible for the hanging. It may be time to visit a service centre to have it checked out.

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