Problems with the TCL 30 v 5G and their solutions

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The TCL 30 v 5G is one of the newest additions to the TCL 30 series. It is a mid-range smartphone with impressive battery life and 5G, but has been criticized performance-wise. We’re going to be looking at some of the problems users might encounter while operating this device. 

Problems with the TCL 30 v 5G

Unresponsive Touch Screen

Having a screen that does not work well can be frustrating as a user, to say the least. It is very common for this to happen when your device has been exposed to physical damage. But issues like this can surface because of bugs and glitches that some software updates might cause. These can mess with your overall display experience. Here are some ways to improve and possibly fix your unresponsive touch screen. 

Safe Mode

Using Safe mode will return your device to its original condition when you reboot it. It disables all third-party applications on your device for a short period. To do this tap and hold the power button, and the Menu will pop up. Tap and hold the power off icon for 3 to 4 seconds. You will see a Reboot to Safe mode notification. Tap Ok and your device will reboot. If your screen works properly after the reboot then the problem originated from a third-party app(s). Identify the app(s) and delete them. 

Restarting your device

This is a very common method across different brands of fixing your phone’s unresponsive screen. Restarting your device allows it to run smoothly, clears any activity running in the background, and frees up some memory. So, go ahead and restart your TCL 30 v 5G. If your screen isn’t responding to touch at all, you can hard restart by pressing and holding the power button and the volume up or volume down. 

TCL 30 v 5G problems and issues

If these options above don’t work, a factory reset might solve it. Note that it will wipe out all the data on your phone. It will be like operating your TCL 30 v 5G for the first time.

Charging Issues

If you are having issues like slow charging and overheating on your TCL 50 v 5G, there are multiple reasons as to why that may be. Here are some of them.

Broken cable: if the cable you are using to charge your TCL 30 v 5G is split at any point, it could affect the charging speed and make it agonizingly slow. You need to get a replacement. When you do, check if it charges any faster than it did before. 

Unsupported cable: Another reason why your device might charge slowly is that the cable is not supported by your TCL 30 v 5G. It is better and safer to use the cables or chargers that come with the particular smartphone brand. So even when you want to replace the charger, you have to get an actual TCL charger.

Charger Block/Adapter: If you have rested and made sure there is nothing wrong with your TCL 30 v 5G, then the problem is probably coming from the charging adapter. To figure out if it is indeed the charging adapter, try using different adapters. If one or some of the other charging adapters work fine and charge your device faster, then the charger block you were using for your device is faulty. Purchase a new charger block as soon as you can and do your best to buy the original TCL charging block.

Charging port: If the charging port of your TCL 30 v 5G is damaged in any way, it can affect how fast your phone charges and even stop it from charging completely. It can also overheat your phone. If you find there to be nothing wrong with your charging block and cable, and you suspect the charging port might be damaged, take your phone to be accessed by a professional. If it is indeed a problem with the charging port, you can get it fixed and check if your phone charges any faster.

TCL 30 v 5G

It could also be debris and dirt piled up in the charging port. This is something you can take care of, but to be safe and not damage the charging port itself, you can take it to a professional to get it cleaned for you.

These are some of the popular problems that you might encounter while using your TCL 30 v 5G. If you have any other problems, comment down below and we will get back to you with feedback. 

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