Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 Mobile Phones: Good Performance On A Budget

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The Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 (SM4250), also sometimes called SD460, is a chipset for lower-end Android smartphones and tablets. It is an entry-level SoC, so you will find it in devices at the lower end of the medium smartphone market. It is built on the 11 nm process and supports 4G LTE network connectivity.

How Good Is Qualcomm Snapdragon 460?

The Snapdragon 460 chipset is a low-end mobile processor that offers some advantages over its predecessor, the Snapdragon 450. Some of the advantages are:

It supports higher memory bandwidth, which means faster data transfer and better performance for multitasking and gaming.

It has a smaller transistor size, which means lower power consumption and less heat generation.

It performs better in floating-point computations, which are important for graphics and scientific applications.

It has a more advanced neural processor, which enables faster and more accurate artificial intelligence tasks, such as face recognition and voice assistants.

The SD460 chipset is a good choice for budget-friendly smartphones that can handle basic tasks and some gaming. It is not as powerful as the higher-end Snapdragon chipsets, such as the 6-series or the 8-series, which offer faster speeds, better graphics, and more features.

We have compiled a list of all current smartphones with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor, for your convenience. Because of the SD460, all the listed phones are equipped with performance cores, and so offer decent performance in everyday usage. Snapdragon 460 is coupled with Adreno 610 GPU for graphics processing.

List Of Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 Mobile Phones

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  • Nokia 3.4 (reviewed HERE)
  • OPPO A53
  • OPPO A53s
  • OPPO A33 2020
  • OPPO A32
  • Vivo Y20
  • Vivo Y20s
  • Vivo Y20i
  • Vivo Y11s
  • Motorola Moto G10
  • Motorola Moto G10 Power
  • Motorola Moto G Play 2021
  • Motorola Moto E7 Plus
  • TCL 20 SE
  • Realme C17
  • Realme C15
  • OnepLus Nord 100

All the above cellphone models are equipped with 3GB, 4GB, or 6GB of RAM. The other specifications differ, but all of them are typical of mid-range smartphones.

Newer models of smartphones powered by Snapdragon 460 will continue to hit the streets from time to time, so keep your eye open for product announcements

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