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Effortlessly Remove the Background from Images on Your Android Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

In the past, it used to be time-consuming and tedious to remove backgrounds from images and you would typically need a PC and some significant Photoshop expertise. However, these are no longer necessary because it’s possible to remove the background from images on an Android phone.


In this guide, we’ll discuss a number of useful apps with various interesting features. These apps let you remove the background from images on an Android phone if you’re looking to achieve more professional-looking photos, or for any other related purpose.

How to Remove the Background from Images on Android Phones

What Apps Can I Use to Remove the Background from Images on Android Phones?

There are several apps that come with certain features that make them useful when there’s a need to remove the background from images on Android phones. Consider the following apps:


PhotoRoom Studio

PhotoRoom is a good photo editing tool you can use to remove the background images on Android phones, especially since it has a dedicated feature for this function. It can therefore be used to generate professional photos for whatever purpose we need.

To get started, you may either select a template or start the editing from scratch. PhotoRoom offers an AI-powered backend that accurately recognizes the backdrop in photos. Once selected, you can delete, modify, or retouch it.


Within this app, you can also change the image’s brightness, warmth, and contrast. It also lets you apply effects to your photographs, like blur and filters.


Picsart is another feature-rich image editing option that can also be used to remove the background from images on Android phones.


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Picsart includes a variety of image editing and creation capabilities. It features an AI-powered background editing tool that works with very little input. The background can be blurred, removed, or replaced with a custom image.

You may also modify the image dimensions using the Ratio tool in the editing menu. Furthermore, its Select tool lets you delete certain things from your photographs, such as people, buildings, or structures you’d rather not have in an image.

Picsart’s background removal feature is comprehensive and includes numerous tools. However, saving the modified photographs requires the app’s premium edition.


Remove bg automatic

Remove bg automatic is a special app in the sense that it’s a tool whose sole purpose is to remove the background from images on Android phones and other devices. It has powerful tools for getting this task done quickly, such as an AI-based Auto Cut feature that finds and removes the backdrop automatically.

The app allows you to fine-tune its tools to your preferences, making the procedure easier and more accurate. If you make a mistake, you can always restore the image.

After you’ve removed the background, you can replace it with a different one; options include a gradient, a solid color, or a custom image. It also includes some simple photo effects, such as vintage, classic, and seasonal styles. After you’ve removed the background from images on an Android phone, you can post your modified image on various social media platforms directly from the app.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is essentially the smartphone version of Adobe Photoshop, and it also does a good enough job to remove the background from images on Android phones. It is a strong image editing and creation app with background removal tools.


You can choose an image from your phone’s gallery and then, while in editing mode, click the Settings tab and choose Background. You can then make changes to the image background. Alternatively, you can manually select the backdrop, with options to remove or adjust the selection.

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Photoshop Express is a free app in its simplest form, but to unlock all of its features, you have to subscribe to the premium version.

In summary, any of the apps we’ve described above will prove incredibly helpful if your aim is to remove the background from images on Android phones. With some of the listed apps, you’ll also have the option to make some further edits. 

As such, feel free to select the option that works best for you to easily remove the background from images on Android phones.

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