How to Repair or Fix a Cracked Apple Watch Screen

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Apple products are well-known for their high quality construction, and the Apple Watch is no exception. The Apple Watch is built to withstand pressure and perform well in harsh environments.

However, because it is a wearable, it is subjected to a variety of harsher environments. Furthermore, the display cover glass protrudes from the main body of the smartwatch, making it susceptible to cracking during normal use. Here’s all you need to know to help you easily fix a cracked Apple Watch’s screen.

Apple Watch Screen

How Can I Fix a Cracked Apple Watch Screen?

The first thing you should know is that Apple typically doesn’t fix a cracked Apple Watch screen. Instead, Apple will send you a new or refurbished unit, and parts from the older model will be reused on future refurbished watches.

Secondly, Apple Watch repairs (or replacements) are not performed in retail locations. For any repairs, units are sent to an authorized repair center. Even if you take your smartwatch to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store, it will be mailed to an authorized repair facility. This is true even if Apple is aware that the Apple Watch unit will be replaced.

As a result, the process of fixing an Apple Watch may take longer than repairs for other Apple devices such as iPhones and MacBooks.

How Much Does a Cracked Apple Watch Screen Cost?

Fixing your cracked Apple Watch screen through an authorized service center can be pricey because Apple’s standard warranty terms do not cover display repairs. On the Apple Support page, you can get an estimate for your specific Apple Watch model.

You’re in luck if you have an AppleCare+ warranty, which covers accidental screen damage. To replace your cracked Apple Watch screen, you will only have to pay a service fee of $69 (plus taxes) or $79 for the Apple Watch Ultra, which is far more reasonable. 

Again, this screen replacement will almost certainly necessitate the replacement of the entire Apple Watch unit.

How to Schedule a Repair Appointment to Fix a Cracked Apple Watch Screen

You can schedule an appointment  to fix your cracked Apple Watch screen at your nearest Apple Store. You won’t have to wait in line at the store this way.

Follow these steps:

● Go to Apple’s Get Support page.

● Choose Apple Watch from the list of issues, then Repairs & Physical Damage.

● Choose Cracked or broken display from the list of topics.

● To view your support options, click Continue.

● You can then contact Apple Support or schedule an appointment at your local Apple Store.

● To finish the process, enter your Apple Watch’s serial number or log in to your Apple ID and select the device.

Using a Third-Party Repair Provider to Fix Your Cracked Apple Watch Screen

You can also choose to fix your cracked Apple Watch screen through a third-party service provider if you wish. Unlike Apple, these third-party repair services will replace only your broken wearable’s display and not the entire unit. Their fees will also be far less than what Apple charges for an out-of-warranty repair.

There is no guarantee that your Apple Watch’s water resistance will remain intact even if you locate a nearby  third-party store that can replace the display. Furthermore,  the chances of a third-party provider providing an Apple Watch repair that meets Apple’s quality standards are slim.

WARNING: Fixing your cracked Apple Watch through any means other than Apple or an authorized service provider will void your warranty.

How to Fix a Cracked Apple Watch Screen by Yourself

The procedure to fix a cracked Apple Watch screen by yourself varies slightly depending on the model, but it generally consists of the following steps:

● Heat the screen and soften the underlying adhesive with a hairdryer, heat gun, or iOpener tool.

● To cut the adhesive, run a knife along the seam between the screen and the case.

● Pry the screen away from the case with a guitar pick slid along the seam.

● Lift the screen gently so that it hinges on one side.

● Heat the battery adhesive to make it more pliable, then pry the battery out of its slot using a guitar pick.

● Disconnect the battery with a spudger or screwdriver (depending on the model).

● Disconnect the display cables, foil, stickers, and grounding cable with a spudger and/or tweezers.

● Remove the old screen, then install the new screen in the opposite order.

WARNING: If you’re not experienced, it can be difficult to fix a cracked Apple Watch screen by yourself. Also note that there’s the possibility of additional damage, which could void any warranties or insurance policies.

In conclusion, follow our suggestions to fix your cracked Apple Watch’s screen. If you don’t have AppleCare+, look into some third-party repair options before visiting your local Apple Store.

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