My visits to Ghana have been increasing in frequency of recent, and I determined that I was ready to pick up a line for my

Review of Vodafone Ghana’s X Bundle

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My visits to Ghana have been increasing in frequency of recent, and I determined that I was ready to pick up a line for my personal voice and data needs when on ground. I asked around a bit and a number of people recommended Vodafone X. And so, on my first evening in Accra on my last visit, I took a cab to Accra Mall and found the Vodafone store in there, where I purchased a SIM and activated a plan.

Ghana Vodafone X pack

Vodafone X data bundles are a line up of prepaid services available to subscribers across Ghana. There are five packages in the line-up, and all of them offer varying capped data allocations, as well as free calls to X numbers Free SMS to Vodafone numbers and Whatsapp access.

To access the Vodafone X menu, dial *5888#, and you get this:
Ghana Vodafone X

Here are the various plans:

X Quick
GH1.00 for 1 day. 50MB browsing data. Whatsapp access.

X Social
GH 2.00 valid for 3 days. 200MB browsing data. Whatsapp & Facebook access.

X Weekly
GH 5.00 valid for 7 days. 500MB browsing data. Whatsapp, Facebook & Twitter access.

X Monthly
GH 10.00 valid for 30 days. 1.2GB browsing data. Whatsapp,Facebook & Twitter access.

Xtreme Monthly
GH 20.00 valid for 30 days. 2.5GB browsing data. Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram access.

Because I was in Ghana for just a few days, I opted for X Weekly. Setup was easy-peasy after slotting in the Nano-SIM into my BlackBerry Classic. In a few minutes, I was browsing and using all my apps on the device.

I however found that I was unable to use the Hotspot on the BlackBerry Classic all through the time the Vodafone SIM was in it. As soon as I replaced it with my Glo SIM on returning to Nigeria, the Hotspot worked fine again. Apparently, Vodafone disabled the use of wireless sharing via WiFi on the plan. However, I was able to share the data with my tablet via Bluetooth tethering.

Besides the wireless hotspot limitation, Vodafone X worked fine for me. I pegged my device to 3G-only and I got strong signals and good internet speeds everywhere I went in Accra. Voice clarity was good too.

If you are travelling to Ghana, you might want to have a look at Vodafone X. However, note the wireless hotpsot issue. If you need to use that, you may need a different data plan or a different network’s SIM.

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