I just realized a very troubling thing while I was discussing with my friend on how blank I was… I have two phones. I call one a ‘dumb smart’ phone and that has Chris Brown’s “Deuces” as the ringtone. Then the ‘smart smart’ phone which has Rihanna’s “Diamonds” as the ringtone. Can you see the troubling thing now? Hmmmm…

Ringtone Mania!

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So, I got stoned on what to write about mobile devices this week and had told my friend that I was going to pass and call in sick [You wouldn’t dare! – Editor-In-Chief]. In the course of that discussion, I absentmindedly typed into Google search “Stoned on what to write about mobile devices”, and “Kodak for colour”, and a lot of other stuffs popped up in response. I did “Innie, minnie, minne mo“, and picked an article with the title, “Easy on Mobile Phones”.

As I went on to read about the wonderful invention of mobile devices and their important roles in our lives, I was totally tripped when I read this statement: “In fact, mobile can as well be the most annoying, unnecessary and time wasting device that ever invented… It is also most annoying in the way that its endless ringing sound produces noise pollution to the environment”.

My mouth went agape and I almost closed the browser. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I have read in a long time, but then, something kept me on until I finished the article and had a temporary “paradigm shift” on what that article meant. It got me thinking so much that I arrived at many questions.

I think that this article will be questions all through. Have our mobile devices contributed in one way or the other on how people perceive or look at us? Have they contributed in constituting nuisance in our environment and to people at some point in life? Have they brought a fight between you and friends on a date or while driving? Ask me about that last one, please!


Have you been at the cinema and felt like grabbing a fellow viewer’s phone and smashing it against the wall just because his phone rang in the middle of the movie? What are our expectations from other mobile users? Do we owe it to ourselves to be mindful of where we are at a particular time and turn our ringers off or at least put them on silence? Have you had to tell your colleague or friend to change his/her ringtone because it embarrasses you or the organization you work for?

What is expected of employees of corporate organisations? If you walked into a corporate office and heard the customer service officer’s ringtone and it was PSY’s Gangnam Style or D’banj’s Oliver Twist, first, what would you think of the organization and secondly, what would you think of him/her?

Do your ringtones represent in a way your personality? Do they tell your mood or phase your life is going through at that period? Do they show your taste of music?

What exactly influences what song or ringtone you use? Do occasions/events determine them? Have your organizations’ politely and indirectly asked you to use their radio jingles as your ringtone as a way of marketing and promoting your brand? (not sure this fits in but it could give you an idea, what it is I don’t know oo)

And the final question: What is your ringtone??????

Mine? I just realized a very troubling thing while I was discussing with my friend on how blank I was… You see, I have two phones. I call one a ‘dumb smart’ phone and that has Chris Brown’s “Deuces” as the ringtone. Then the ‘smart smart’ phone which has Rihanna’s “Diamonds” as the ringtone. Can you see the troubling thing now? Hmmmm…

Over to you!


  1. Nice piece, I think this saying goes ” dress the way you want to be addresses” also applies to ringtones, so peeps usually have annoying ringtones, imagine your phone rings and the ringtone tone is ORI E FO KA SI BE? I just label you as eazz immediately. I think RInGTONES actualy dipicts one’s personality, I have 2phones, a blackberry (Great and Mighty God -By Joe Praiz as the ringtone ) and a dual SIM android phone (SIM 1: Asiko by Dare ft Ice Prince and Mo eazy) SIM 2 ( Ile ijo by MyD)

  2. I’ve always used distinct ringtones on my smartphones. I take time to use music that is unique to my memory; music that I’m sure most Nigerians will not use. I also use programs (Format Factory) to extract the particular part of the song that I desire.

    eg of my ringtones are:

    my ex-N8: The theme song of The Boondocks tv series (by Asheru)
    my Blaze: The theme song of Ducktales cartoon (from the early 1990s)
    my BB: The main soundtrack of Madagascar 2 – “I like to move it”
    my N9: Fergie’s solo voice from 2:45 – 3:09 in Black Eyed Peas’ “Pump It”

    See how unique they are? 🙂

  3. There is no such thing as a “unique” ring tone unless it’s a sound you’ve created it yourself. Ringtones, like phones, do not change my perspective of a person in any setting. I used to work with someone whose ringtone was “Mr Big Stuff”. It didn’t matter whose company he was in, that was his ringtone and the most he’d do is mute it in meetings, but never changed it.

    Most of our noise pollution comes from vehicles and music, and it has been so long before mobile phones entered the scene.

    “Phones annoying and time wasting”? Annoying when you have to endure someone else’s music and conversation, time wasting only when they don’t do/behave like we’d like them to.

    As for my ringtone – it depends. At least when my phone rings I know it’s my phone and not someone else’s!

  4. as long as the ringtone is not inappropriately loud at the wrong time in the wrong place, I guess it is just like signature. your style. nobody defines style but you!

  5. Actually I like it if I don’t expect a jazzy ringtone on someone’s phone and I hear such.

    @Spacyzuma Black Eyed Piece’s ‘Pump It’ ain’t so unique, I’ve heard it used before. But the others, you try small 😀

  6. Olamide,

    Create an account at Gravatar.com with the email address that you use here, upload a picture to that account and attach it to that email address. Your picture will display on any WordPress blog that you comment on if you use that email address.

  7. I feel the phone ringtone being used by an individual is a contributory factor to defining the individual’s personality. The volume also matters. Most times the phone model and how its being used also matters.
    My ringtone is a Jazz clip by Dave Coz and its volume is usually half way.. Quite calm

  8. Ahaaa!!! let me go create an account there (Gravatar.com). And thanks guys for the comments **runs away**

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