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Samsung Galaxy A12 problems, and their solutions

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Samsung Galaxy A12
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The Samsung Galaxy A12 is a low-budget smartphone that has been filled with its fair share of problems since its release in 2020. Of course, as a low-budget smartphone, you should not expect the performance and build of high-end smartphones but there are problems that users should not have to face at any level. We’re going to be looking at some of them today.

Samsung Galaxy A12 problems and how to fix them

Samsung Galaxy A12 problem: Wifi and mobile data issues

Multiple users have reported one problem or another relating to issues with the Wi-Fi and mobile data connectivity on the Samsung Galaxy A12. The Wi-Fi, when connected, disconnects continuously while staying connected to other devices. The same goes for the mobile data option. This can prove to be frustrating for users. As one can barely do anything in today’s world without access to the internet. Here are some steps that could help with this problem. Although, they might not necessarily solve the problem.

•Restart your router and your phone.

•Update firmware and reset the router to factory settings.

•Turn off mobile data and Bluetooth.

Disconnect some other devices from the network and try connecting your Samsung Galaxy A12 again.

•Forget the network on your device, in settings, and connect to it again.

•Reset Network settings.

Most times problems like these will boil down to Samsung fixing it themselves in future updates. So, look out for them and update them as soon as they are available.

Samsung Galaxy A12 problem: Faster Battery Drain after the Android 11 update

With the release of the Android 11 update, on the Samsung Galaxy A12, came a problem in which the battery started to drain faster than it normally did before the update. The long-lasting battery feature of the Samsung Galaxy A12 was one of, if not, its biggest selling point. So imagine if that singular trait is messed up, there would almost be no point in using this device. Here are some instructions to reduce how fast the battery of your device drains.

•Keep your device up to date, as updates usually fix most problems on Samsung. So, the importance of keeping your device updated can not be stressed enough.

•Turn off Wi-Fi, location, Hotspot, Bluetooth, and mobile data, especially at night. These contribute a lot to how fast your phone’s battery drains.

•Ensure that the network signal is strong. If the device is constantly searching for network coverage, it will deplete the battery quickly.

•Disable Auto-brightness and set the brightness manually.

Samsung Galaxy A12 problem: Slow or laggy User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy A12 was not built with the most powerful processors that would smile at heavy activities and tasks; this means that at some point you are going to have to deal with lag. Tons of users are going through this issue right now. This device is not one you should be doing heavy online gaming with. It just might leave you frustrated with lag. Here are some ways to speed up your Samsung Galaxy A12.

•Lower the Animation scale in the Developer options from 1 to 0.5 or disable it altogether.

•Reduce or limit the number of background apps in developer options.

•Try booting into Safe Mode and look for improvements. if the device performs better, limit the number of background apps. You can do this by force closing the ones you don’t use.

•Restart your device.

•Ensure you have enough space for your device to run smoothly on.

These are some of the most common problems of the Samsung Galaxy A12. Follow these steps and you just might be rid of them. Comment down below on any problem you have that was mentioned and we will give you feedback.

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