Samsung Galaxy A51 & A71 Receive New Camera Features

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Samsung has revealed a new update for the Galaxy A51 & A71 smartphones. These two devices have done really well on the market, so it is not surprising that the company has decided to provide some new features for them.

Samsung is bringing features like My filters, Night hyperlapse and Single take to these two devices. These features have been previously spotted on a number of other flagship devices and now that the cameras of the A51 and A71 will have them, they will come in handy to a number of their owners.

Samsung Galaxy A51 with punch hole

The keyboard and Gallery apps are also going to see updates, as users can now translate text directly from the keyboard tray and undo/redo their most recent action with a two-finger swipe to the left or right of the keyboard. Convenient media sharing features Quick Share and Music Share are available, making it easier to share media with other users nearby. In the gallery, Clean View groups 100 consecutively shot images into a bundle, helping you declutter your gallery.

This update will also bring an improved system stability and better security. The update comes with build A515FXXU3BTF4 for the Samsung Galaxy A51 and A715FXXU2ATG1 for the Galaxy A71 though this build number may vary slightly by region.



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