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The Wireless Charging Solution for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Owners

CCSamll Mirror Case for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
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Does Samsung Galaxy A54 have wireless charging? That is a question we have been bugged with recently. Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is Samsung’s latest addition to its excellent midrange A-series smartphones in 2023. While the MobilityArena have yet to spend a good amount of time with it, we’re optimistic this cut-price king is likely to be a great option if you want a smartphone for just $450. But what does the wireless charging situation look like?

A lower price often means some features end up on the cutting room floor, and wireless charging is often one of those features first on the cost-saving block. If you’re a fan of the convenience of wireless charging, you’ll want to make sure your new phone supports your favored charging method. So, does the Samsung Galaxy A54 have wireless charging?

Does Samsung Galaxy A54 have wireless charging?

How fast is Samsung Galaxy A54’s wired charging?

Samsung A54 5G shares quite a number of features with the Galaxy S23 series, and like all the models in the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung A54 is equipped with 25W fast charge technology. For some reason, Samsung has opted to stick with this relatively slow type of fast charge, and it is the sore spot on what looks like an excellent device when you compare it to competitors in the market. Some of those competitors have as much as 67W and 120W fast charge. Yes, that shows you how far bahind Samsung’s fast charge implementations are. But let’s get on to the question of whether Samsung A54 has wireless charging or not.

Samsung Galaxy A54 does not have wireless charging

One of the features that Samsung Mobile had to remove to help attain the budget price of the Galaxy A54 is wireless charging. The phone does not have wireless charging. You cannot charge the Galaxy A54 with a wireless plate or pad.

As a rule, wireless charging has mostly been a preserve of premium flagships, though the feature is beginning to trickle down to some higher end midrangers.

Midrange Phones with Wireless Charging

One of the few midrange phones with wireless charging is the Nothing Phone 1, which is available for around $405, and OPPO Reno10 ($490). Like I said, there are not a lot of midrange smartphones with this feature. If you do want one, you have to spend a bit more than what you would spend on the Samsung Galaxy A54.

I am not so hung up on wireless charging, though, as cool as the feature is. For one, it is much slower than charging your phone with a cable. Until it catches up with wired charging, I’d rather plug in my phone to a cable and get it topped up really fast. For now, wireless charging is mostly a fancy and cool feature to have on your phone.

Get a wireless charging case for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

CCSamll Mirror Case for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
CCSamll Mirror Case for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

If you really want to be able to use wireless charging with your Samsung A54, you can get a wireless charging case for it to add the functionality. Have a look at the CCSamll Mirror Case for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (available on Amazon for $11) or the Qi Wireless Charger+Receiver+Case for Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (available on AliExpress for $6). It is likely that there are other options available out there.

The takeaway here is that while the Samsung A54 does not have wireless charging built-in, if you really want to be able to charge it that way, it’s possible: simply buy a wireless charging case to use with it, and you are good to go.

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