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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Gets March Security Update and Camera Improvements

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x super Resolution Zoom - digital zoom or optical zoom
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Barely a fortnight from the release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the device is already set to receive the March security updates. It will be recalled that the Galaxy S20 was launched on the 11th of February, with pre-orders following on the 21st of February. The device is expected to be available in stores from the 6th of March.

This update is said to fix a number of camera issues while bringing the March Android security patch. The firmware version is expected to roll out in South Korea first, before landing in other countries in the coming days.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x super Resolution Zoom - digital zoom or optical zoom
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The updates are also expected to get to the rest of the Galaxy S20 devices, but with different variants of the devices (such as the unlocked versions and the carrier-branded versions), the updates may come to the other S20 devices at later times.

This could imply that for individuals going to stores to get the Samsung S20 Ultra, there would be an update waiting for them. The Samsung Galaxy S20 devices are expected to come with Android 10 straight from the box and may see an Android 11 update in the coming days.

With Samsung moving with incredible speed regarding their software updates, we would be looking forward to a number of interesting software news from them before 2020 runs out.



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