Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Problems and Solutions

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 5G is the first and least expensive of the Samsung S22 flagship series. To many, this smartphone is an absolute joyride of an experience and to some, the problems the device harbors outdo the positives. Of course, it depends on what exactly you are using the phone for. As a Flagship device, it has all the features you would expect from a smartphone at that level. Features like the Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, an IP68 water and dust resistance rating, “hassle-free” fast wireless charging, e.t.c. 

As top-notch as this smartphone is, there have been a few problems that users have encountered with the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G and we are going to take a look at them as well as their possible solutions today.

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G problems and solutions

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G problem: Poor Battery life

The most common and talked about of all the problems that the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G has, is the issue of how poor its battery life is because it is a flagship and the latest in the S series. Its predecessor, the S21 has a better battery and that is not a surprise considering that the battery size is a measly 3700mAh. Here are some steps to follow to improve the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G.

Antivirus and Cleaning Apps

Having apps like phone cleaner or other antivirus-based apps on your device can drain your battery at an alarming rate. They run in the background and drain your device’s battery life. Make sure to uninstall these apps.

Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is a factor that most smartphone users are aware of but some still set the brightness bar so high and wonder why their phone battery is getting drained. It does not just drain your battery it heats your smartphone too, and that can cause it to ultimately lag. Set the brightness low to avoid these problems.

Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G might be beautiful and captivating to look at, I mean it is a cool feature to have on any smartphone but it will drain your device’s battery power faster than a normal wallpaper would because the processors on the phone are being engaged and having to light up bright images. So, you might have to sacrifice your precious live wallpapers if you want your battery to last longer. 

Multiple Running Apps

Another reason a lot of people aren’t aware of is leaving multiple apps open and running on your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G. Honestly, it does not come to mind to clear them all up but they do drain the battery the longer you leave them. Clear all your apps on the app tab from time to time and how much smoother it is to run apps and canes.

Connectivity settings

Put off all connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Hotspot when you are not using them. These options are core battery-draining features. 


Gaming is another thing that can drain your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G’s battery at an alarming rate. If you want to play heavy games I advise you to restrict the number of hours you play if you want your battery to last off of a full charge.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 5G problem: G.P.S. problems

Some users have reported problems they encountered while making use of navigation apps like Google Maps on the Samsung Galaxy S22. The G.P.S. signal is lost and all they see is “searching for networks” on the display. You can temporarily solve this issue by restarting your device but a more permanent fix would require a software update from Samsung. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G problem: Fingerprint problems 

There have been a few complaints about the Fingerprint sensor on the screen not working properly or at all. Here are a few ways you can resolve this issue.

•The screen protector, if you have one, might be the cause of your phone not being able to sense your fingerprint. Take off the screen protector and see if the bug has been fixed. If not then you can delete all existing fingerprint data and set up new ones.

•Increasing the touch sensitivity of your phone can help solve the problem. Go to Settings > display > Touch sensitivity and increase it.

These are some of the most common problems that users face while operating their Samsung Galaxy S22 5G. If you have any problems that were not mentioned, comment down below and you will receive feedback.

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