The Samsung phone with the best battery life, 2021

If you are hunting for the Samsung phone with the best battery life in 2021, we have narrowed down the available options to three models. Ideally, we would narrow it down to one and leave it at that, but network support and availability are factors that mean one model is available in certain regions but not in others.

As such, this article gives you three Samsung phones with the best battery life, so you can pick whichever is available in your region. Two of them are 4G LTE devices, while one supports the more advanced 5G networks.

Samsung Galaxy M62 has the best battery life of any Samsung phone in 2021

Samsung Galaxy M62

The best battery life on any Samsung phone in the market right now is found on the Galaxy M62. With a massive 7000mAh battery, 6.7-uinch AMOLED display, and an Exynos 9825 chipset, this mammoth delivers extremely long battery life. Even sweeter is the fact that it has 25W fast charging coupled with it.

It isn’t a slouch, and that is because the powerful chipset is coupled with 8 GB of RAM. Built-in storage memory is 128 GB or 256 GB, depending on your needs or wants, and the fatness of your wallet. You can pick the 8/128 GB trim for $405 on Amazon, or the 8/256 GB for $467 in the United States. In Canada, Amazon has the 8/256 GB trim for C$772.


The Galaxy M62 is a 4G smartphone though, and while relatively widely available, it will not satisfy those who want to get in on some 5G action. For that, say hello to the Galaxy A42 5G.

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The Samsung phone with the best battery life, 2021 (1st Runner-up): Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G price official specs

The A42 5G has a slightly smaller 6.6-inch Super AMOLED panel, a Snapdragon 750 5G chipset, and a smaller 5000 mAh, battery. Charging technology is also a downgrade, clocking in at 15W. Bummer. But it is a Samsung with great battery life, and with 5G support.

Where the A42 5G might be a big letdown is in the screen resolution. Forget 1080p here; what we have is a 720p display. That sucks, we know. But if battery life is your priority, and you’d rather not do without 5G, it comes a close second place to the Galaxy M62.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is available in three memory options – 4/128 GB, 6/128 GB, and 8/128 GB. the base variant comes in at $399 in the USA, and £398 in the United Kingdom.

The Samsung phone with the best battery life, 2021 (2nd Runner-up): Samsung Galaxy A03s

Samsung Galaxy A03s

We had to pick another 4G Samsung phone with solid battery life, because neither the Galaxy A42 5G nor the M62 are officially available in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. What you will find on sale almost everywhere you go in these countries, however, is the Galaxy A03s.

Equipped with a 5000 mAh battery (and 15W fast charging), a 6.5-inch IPS LCD panel (sorry, no AMOLED here and the resolution is basic 720p as well), and a relatively lowly MediaTek MT6765 Helio P35 chipset, the Galaxy A03s delivers solid battery life for 4G LTE users. It is a much more budget device than the other two. The 3/32 GB variant sells for ₦ 66,000 in Nigeria, while the 4/64 GB trim goes for ₦75,000.

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In Kenya, the Galaxy A03s sells for Ksh. 14,600 and Ksh. 16,500, for the 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB variants, respectively. In South Africa, the 3/32 GB variant goes for R2,399.

It is available in the UK too, for £139, in India for ₹ 10,998, and in Europe for €158. It will eventually arrive in the United States too, if you’d rather not spend $400 on the M62 or A42 5G.

You have three options to pick from, depending on your needs and budget. Which of these is the Samsung phone with the best battery life that works for you – the M62, A42 5G, or A03s? Tell us.

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