Samsung’s first Bada-powered device is the S8500 Wave. That device is soon to get a bunch of siblings, including two side-sliding QWERTY keyboard devices. You’ve

Samsung plans new Bada OS devices – QWERTY keyboards in the mix

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Samsung’s first Bada-powered device is the S8500 Wave. That device is soon to get a bunch of siblings, including two side-sliding QWERTY keyboard devices.

You’ve read our reviews of the Samsung S8003 Jet, as well as demos of the S8500 Wave, so you have a good idea of what to expect from Samsung’s Bada OS. Now, think of that gorgeous display, sweet user interface, add some even more advanced functionality and then slap a QWERTY keyboard on those. Smartphone heaven?

Samsung is reported to have displayed four new Bada devices at a Bada Developer Day. Reports from the event state that there is no detailed information on these new smartphones, besides them being cheaper, and two of them having a hardware slide-out QWERTY keyboard in addition to touchscreens.

Samsung Bada smartphones

Highlights of the event:

  • info on latest user interface, TouchWIZ 3.0
  • info on integrated Social Hub
  • Samsung’s plans to expand its Bada smartphone to 75 countries, 156 operators, and offer more than 6 500 apps to go with it
  • Samsung’s ambitous target of overtaking Nokia in terms of marketshare


Samsung is officially after Nokia’s marketshare? We knew that those guys were ambitious, but this is setting it in stone. Go, Samsung!

Watch these pages for more information on the upcoming devices, launch dates and prices.


  1. Going after Nokia’s marketshare now that ambitious…But it’s not going to happen for the next few years it’s definitely going to be hard to get ppl to adopt a new OS. I for one would hop unto this bandwagon, atleast for now.

  2. I for one will not stick out my neck for nokia. Not with the latest aggressiveness of Samsung. They are coming out with phones in all categories and at all levels (low ends, midrange, high ends, etc). They now have their very own super OS which they intend to aim at all price ranges. This is surely a company to watch in 2010. But Samsung, please watch your back because LG is providing answers to every phone you bring out.

  3. Good Samsung! If the OS is fluid and intuitive. If it offers more punch than Nokia’s drab Symbian has to offer, Perhaps Samsung may have a HOT device and OS in its hands. And just perhaps Samsung may deliver on its bet. I would like to try my hands on the OS!

  4. We seem to be limiting the function of the OS to just the interface.
    While interfacing is a core function of any OS, it transcends it. I do not know if Samsung also plans an App Store for Bada too. Is it not likely that the richness and diversity of an App Store would have a lot of impact on how well a device is accepted? It is a chicken and egg situation. How long would it take Bada application developers to have a diversity of applications? Would they jump unto Bada (rushing to develop for it) the way they did for Android / iPhone? The applications available for a device (in its App Store) educes the power of the OS…

  5. All we await now is the official announcement of the specifics by Samsung. Thankfully, Samsung has an established reputation of releasing devices shortly after announcements, so we may not have long to wait.

  6. I believe that the user interface is what a user will first come across in any mobile device, apart from the hardware itself. And there it goes. You see the phone, admire the killer design. Then you touch it, turn it on and get intrigued with the simple, sweet, intuitive, well organized user interface. And of course the inevitable WOW at what the phone can do… The features and so on.

    From analysis of videos on youtube, on the Samsung BAda phone, S8500, I think I love the design and the interface. If the interface is as good with more features to add, then the phone might be a winner!

    And of course, I believe Samsung will have an apps store for its Bada phone and OS. Eldar Mutazin on mobile-review did a take on the Samsung wave and the Bada OS.

  7. Martinkem has hit the nail on the head. It will take years for Samsung to catch up with Nokia in terms of market share. Pushing out nice OSes alone without bringing down the cost of the phones wouldnt make consumers to go for them.

  8. Pushing out nice OSes alone without bringing down the cost of the phones wouldnt make consumers to go for them.

    But Samsung has been releasing phones that push the lower boundaries of cost. Whether it takes one year or several years, if there is one manufacturer that has demonstrated that they can take on Nokia, it is Samsung.

    While we’ve all been excited about the iPhone, Samsung has consistently narrowed the gap between itself and Nokia in a very aggressive way. I don’t want to start another OS war, but while iPhone fanboys have been claiming that the iPhone is a threat to Nokia phones, the real threat for years has been S-a-m-s-u-n-g.

    That threat has now been officially voiced. I like these guys.

  9. I have been an avid ‘nokia-or-no-other’ user for a couple of years now; but I recently played with a blackberry and was amazed at its sleekness, ‘user-friendliness’, simplicity and functionality. At that moment, it seemed as if a veil had just been taken off my eyes.

    I rejoice with you, bro. You are another person who has come to discover that not havin a fancy menu that you must touch does not mean it cannot be user friendly.

    As Yom has mentioned at different times, there has been more of a revolution with RIM than with the iPhone (speaking of smartphones now, not mobile phones in general). See The Silent Success of the Blackberry.

    It is amaing that a smartphone that used to be known only with stiff corporate types is nowe something that more and more teenages want to be found with! and its not just the user-friendly part; young people actually buy BalckBerrys for the cool factor.

  10. @Dayann. While I would like to agree with you that Blacberry phone now appears cool, but then the major innovation and revolution in the Mobile world has been orchestrated by the Apple iphone. For one if a revolution is silent, then I beg that you actually mean an evolution. And I also agree with you that Nokia phones have been over-hyped. I was also into Nokia too. But most of the times, their interface was drab. And sometimes difficult to use. And I sure that they decided to make the Symbian 3 and perhaps symbian 4 OS to correct this.

    As For Samsung, they have initiated a good thing. When the Samsung wave, S8500, the first BAda phone comes out, and if it has an intuitive UI and features as an “icing” then it will be a success. As I’ve always said, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Looks and analysis without an actual hands-on experience sometimes can be deceiving.

    But I think Samsung does have a good and solid plan and future with the BADA OS.

  11. For one if a revolution is silent, then I beg that you actually mean an evolution.

    you wish. It is silent because biased Americans make noise only about their favourite toy – the iphone.

  12. Why Must you feel that AMericans are biased? Microsoft is an American owned company as well. And its’ phone the windows mobile did not recieve as much hype. RIM’s Blackberry, a Canadian owned company has been preponderent in the US for long. It is well enthrenched in the US. FOr it to be “silent” all this while, despite inroads in the business world and now a cool factor phone will make one to rightly assume it is an evolution. For God’s sake, a revolution is sudden and quick, and Perhaps Bloody. This Revolution LOOK fits perfectly the iphone and what it has come to firmly establish in the world of the mobile phones the world over.

  13. If I may chip in here, it is not my position that the American media is biased because the iPhone is American. Rather, it is because they love the iPhone and in their eyes, no other smartphone matches it in any way. A fallacy, of course.

    That’s my position, and may not necesarilly be what Dayann had in mind.

    A revolution is sudden and quick, yes (maybe even bloody); but not necesarilly noisy. Transforming a device that no average person wanted into one that everyday people are longing for is revolutionary. Turning a niche device into a mass device is revolutionary. Before this, QWERTY devices were niche; now people are buying them in droves. And RIM did it in the same short period that Apple revolutionalised the touchscreen mobile market with the iPhone.

    Someone sees you with a QWERTY candybar and the question you get is, “Is that a BlackBerry?”

    The iPhone revolutionalised touchscreens; BlackBerry revolutionalised QWERTY.

  14. Thanks Yom for really hitting the nail on the head and putting some sanity into this revolution/evolution thing.

    The important thing is that Apple and RIM have both made immense impact on the mobile phone world and have both changed the way we look at and appreciate the smartphones. How they do it is immaterial.

    Now that Samsung has joined the league of OS makers, let us all be patient and await the arrival of their BADA Phones in the market. It is then, and only then, that we can judge the product.

  15. @YOM. I think I would have to agree with you. But to put it in perspective, the acclaimed bias in the American media is left to individual interpretation. Palm, a purely Amnerican company and producung an American phone called the Palm Pre did not have such adulation as the iphone did. And by the way, rumours in the Tech world today is that it is NOW on sale for underperforming.

    @Deoladoctor. My Chief, I agree with you. Let’s wait and give the Bada OS a trial before commenting. PErhaps Samsung may actually have something revolutionary. And just perhaps in the next few months we will be discussing about a “Bada Killer”

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