Skype goes social with Skype Highlights, a rip-off of Snapchat Stories

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Mother of all surprises, yes. Who would have thought that Skype would join the hippy group and follow after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in copying Snapchat? But they did! And so Skype Stories was born. But that isn’t all. Stories is only one of a handful of new features that have been added to Skype. Plus, the app gets a new, funkier look.

So what are the new features available in Skype?

Share your stories with Skype Highlights

Skype wants you to tell and share your stories. This new feature is called Highlights and it is Skypes take on Stories from Snapchat but with extended validity. With Highlights, you get to share memorable moments that stay available for seven days.

Share more during Skype calls

Skype users can now share photographs, messages, emoticons and stickers in real-time in the middle of a Skype call.

Live and Shop in Skype

Skype has not just gone social, it has also gone commercial. Users can now buy tickets for a movie or concert, find mind-blowingly delicious recipes or even plan their trips right inside the app. You can also quickly find and share useful information during your Skype conversations.

In effect, perhaps it is possible to live your entire digital life in Skype. Well, something like that.

Skype Highlights - Snapchat Stories

The bots are here

AI (artificial intelligence) are the next frontier and Skype has wasted no time jumping on it. Bots are now available in Skype, so get your chat groove on.

Update Your Skype App

All these new features are available in a new update that is rolling out to all users right now. The update will arrive on Android devices first over the next few weeks. iOS users will get it next, and lastly Windows and Mac users will receive the new features in the next few months.

In effect, Skype is transitioning from an instant messaging platform into a social network and marketplace. Can we just call this Skype 3.0? The Skype you knew is dead. Long live the new Skype.

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