Sony Ericsson T230 – Budget candy

I was bored with my m55 and was looking around for something economical that I could play with till I had the funds for something right up my alley. The T230 easily caught my attention: it wasn’t expensive and had most of the stuff you would expect from a regular modern phone: a colour screen, GPRS, MMS, polyphonic ringtones, downloadable games, plus it had an email client alongside a few other features. So, I sold my m55 to a guy who was head-over-heels in love with it, then went out and got me a T230.

sony ericsson T230

Form Factor
It is a small, handy phone. Regular candy-bar type.

Its 4096-colour display is far better than the T68/T300/T310 set of phones but nothing spectacular either. It just got the job done.

The slightly-rubbery keys put me off at first, but I soon put that behind me because they performed quite well, contrary to my sentiments.

Battery Performance
2 to 3 days on a full charge with the way I use phones. Good enough.

You can connect the phone to a PC via cable only to transfer image files to the phone. Nothing else! Aaargh!

WAP Browser
WAP worked fine. I accessed all my regular WAP sites. The only hitch with the WAP browser was that I could not get to send out mail from one of my accounts, even though I could on other phones. Oh, then of course, the phone wouldn’t let me load or download any page/file above a certain limit. Oh, well.

The email client is simple to use, but does not support attachments, which is pretty limiting. But that aside, it worked fine.

Since I was looking for something to play with, I had to check out the T230’s Fun & Games menu. Vrally rocked! I spent hours on that. The other games were nothing to write home about, so I WAPped to the SonyEricsson WAPsite and downloaded a couple of shoot-them-down space-fighter kind of games. Did I forget to mention that the phone does not support Java? Its games platform is Mophun, not java.

The T230 is an inexpensive, fun and dependable GSM phone. For me, it was a stop-gap device as it does not have most of the features that should qualify it as a business phone. But it had enough to keep me from throwing it away in a hurry, since I actually kept it for about 4 months!


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