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Smartphone Upgrader 2017 converts your Android phone to an iPhone X

Smartphone Upgrader 2017

There must be quite a number of Android users who would not give up their smartphones for an iPhone at any price However, there surely is quite a number of these same folks who imagineRead More

Try To Keep Up, Qualcomm subs Apple

flash keep up

Apple was on the global stage again yesterday claiming a number of “firsts” and announcing “innovative” new features as it announced its latest iPhone. Well, Qualcomm wouldn’t hve any of that. the chip maker hasRead More

Soyes 7S: For everyone who wanted a tiny iPhone 7 Plus

Soyes 7S

Almost anything looks cute in miniature, and this includes an iPhone. No, this is not the 4.5-inch iPhone of old. This is the Soyes 7S, which is about half the size of an iPhone 7Read More

The iPhone 9 might have an L shaped battery

iphone battery

The Apple iPhone 8 is still a while away from the official release date. But this has not stopped Apple from making plans for the next iPhone, according to reports. Apparently, Apple has chosen LGRead More

Tips on how to use Apple Music effectively

Apple Music

Apple Music was redesigned in 2016 in an effort to streamline the app. While this has largely been successful, it is still quite easy to lose your way while searching for specific tracks. After all,Read More