Here’s how your smartphone can be hacked with sound waves

Sound waves

Researchers at the University of Michigan have proved that it is possible to hack a smartphone with sound waves.  The research group discovered a vulnerability that allowed them to remotely control devices through their inbuilt accelerometers. Accelerometers are a type of sensor built into smartphones, fitness monitors and even self-driving cars. How The Sound Waves Hack Worked The group blasted sound waves from malicious music files at 20 different accelerometers. The sound waves tricked the accelerometers to think the smartphones and FitBits were in motion while they were not. This…

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This hack with Chrome for Android makes every phone vulnerable

Chrome mobile app for Android incognito mode

Chinese researcher Guang Gong demonstrated a hack on the Android version of Chrome, during a PacSec conference  recently held in Tokyo. This hack targets only the JavaScript engine of the browser. With this, it can contaminate the whole device. As showcased during the conference, when a user visits a malicious website with the malware. An app can be installed on your phone even without your knowledge. One can almost imagine how far this can be exploited. “As soon as the phone accessed the website the JavaScript v8 vulnerability in Chrome…

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Easy Hack!! How to bypass waiting for lives on Candy Crush

Crossing that particular level became so hard, she tried and tried, but just couldn’t clear all the jelly before she ran out of moves. Again and again, she tried. The last time out, after nearly swatting the last jelly, there was no other candy combination to close by, and just two moves left. The anger built up in her guts, “Which kind winch be this” she muttered. The level ended. She clicked “Try Again” and the game said to wait for 15 minutes to continue. She sighed. Only Candy Crush…

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