How to set up parental controls on Mac

Parental Controls

If you family uses a shared computer, you can set up parental controls on it. This will help you limit your children’s access to apps, websites and stores, create a schedule for them for computer time, and protect their privacy. Here’s how to help you set up parental controls on your Mac for your kids. CREATE A USER ACCOUNT Click on the Apple logo in your menu and choose System Preferences Select Users & Groups Click on the lock to enable changes and enter your password when prompted. Click on…

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Why it is important to clear your browser history

Browser History

A few years ago, a story broke out on the Internet, where a certain presenter was demonstrating how students in Illinois, USA could get juvenile offenses expunged from their records. The presenter used his/her phone. During the demonstration, someone happened to notice a link to popular adult site PornHub in the presenter’s browser history. Well, you can imagine how embarrassing that turned out to be for the presenter. The moral of that story is this: if you have anything you would not want anyone to see in your browser history,…

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​Is There Any Privacy Online?

privacy online

If you are reading this, it is very likely that you not only browse the Web, but also use email, conduct financial transactions among other activities online. There are always third parties trying to find out what sites you visit, what you download, and what information you are providing others with. There are people interested in stealing your work or stealing money from your online banking account. Protecting your privacy online is one key reason why it is recommended that you use a VPN service. Why we all need a…

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