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Smile VoLTE Smartphone

Smile VoLTE smartphone, 2020 Android 9 Pie phone, 5.45” HD touchscreen, 5MP front camera, 8MP back camera, 1.3 GHz Dual-core, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 2950mAh battery

4G VoLTE on a budget: Lenovo A6600 Dual

The Lenovo A6600 Dual is now officially available. What we have here is a budget smartphone with 4G plus Voice over LTE capabilities. Specifications of the Lenovo A6600 Dual Technology…

The Ntel 4G compatible smartphones you have been looking for

Yesterday, I finally got my Ntel 4G SIM card and line. Roll out the drums. Share the gala. Share the booze! LOL. Anyway, in addition to that, I also got…

The first call has been made on nTel; commercial launch to follow soon

nTel is almost here!! The rejuvenated NITEL is already keeping it’s promise of launching next month. In a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos,…

List of VoLTE smartphones confirmed to work on Smile 4G

You asked and so we got in touch with Smile Communications to ask for a list of VoLTE smartphones that have been tested in-house by them and found compatible with…

What a SmileVoice call from Nigeria to the USA costs

If you have ever wondered what a SmileVoice call to the USA from Nigeria costs, Mister mobility put the matter to test and came out with results.

Download SmileVoice app to make voice calls on Smile 4G

You can now use your one Smile 4G Data bundle for voice calls, SMS and video calls to call anyone on any network, using the SmileVoice App.

Smile launches its first VoLTE service in Uganda

Smile Telecom Holdings Ltd has launched the first voice over LTE (VoLTE) service in East Africa offering high-definition voice and video calling services in Uganda. The VoLTE service was launched…

Smile 4G guns for national voice/data coverage in three African countries

Smile Telecom Holdings Ltd launched Africa’s first 4G LTE commercial network in the 800MHz band in Tanzania in 2012. The company has since established it’s footprint in Nigeria and Uganda as…

What is VoLTE and how does it work? Here’s why you should care

What is VoLTE? What does VoLTE mean? How does it work? Here is a quick explanation of what the technology is and how it works.