EndGame: a super story of how the 5G conspiracy theory blueprint plays out

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You have heard some of the audio and video messages, or read some of the articles. There is a 5G conspiracy theory out there being pushed by a cocktail of different individuals. The theory is that your government is secretly installing killer 5G masts in your city. They are supposedly doing it behind your back because they are fully aware that 5G kills (people allegedly drop dead suddenly) and don’t want any resistance from you. According to this fantastic theory, your government is using the COVID-19 coronavirus as a cover-up to get you all to sit at home while they install this killer 5G.

It is a ridiculously fantastic plot – something out of a movie in the Fantasy cum Horror genre crossover. Let us forget all the scientific facts behind 5G and coronavirus for a few minutes and assume that this conspiracy theory is correct. Let us play it out and see the logical conlusion. It is perhaps even more fantastic than you had thought.

the 5G conspiracy theory

The 5G Conspiracy Theory Blueprint

The managers of telecom companies around the world heard of the prospects of the latest 5G technology: how it offers fantastic broadband speeds, but even better, how it has the capability to kill off all their customers and subscribers – the source of their income and make sure that they (the telecom companies) stop smiling to the bank. They took this fantastic prospect to their investors, many of whom have milllions of dollars in the game. Some have billions.

The investors loved the proposal: “You have our backing to install these killer 5G masts and kill off all the subscribers who make us all this mad money that we have been getting in return on our investments! Kill all of the bastards!!”

So, the management of these companies began to speak to the government: “4G is great, but 5G will blow your mind! Let’s make it happen here!” So, government looks into it. The regulatory body runs tests and notice how humans, birds, dogs, and even crocodiles die off in the vicinity of 5G masts. “Wow! This is cool. If we give you these licenses, we can kill off everyone! But is there a way to make sure that we ourselves do not die?”

can 5g kill you?

The telecom companies work hard tirelessly day and night to come up with a sure-fire way to make sure that their stakeholders do not die when 5G is eventually turned on en masse, but are unable to find any. The masts will be everywhere afterall. They are unable to find a foolproof way to keep themselves, their staff, investors, and government officials safe. For anyone to be safe, they would have to perhaps wear a lead suit around every day and all day. This was problematic.

No-one is able to solve the problem of keeping anyone completely safe from the 5G killer radiation. Eventually, government decides that all that they want is on the other side of fear and that it is better to aspire than to despair and not embrace progress, even if everyone dies from it. So, government issues 5G licences.  

By this time, of course, some people have gottten wind of the plan to wipe out their population and government needs a cover up. “Let’s invent a new virus and use that to scare people into staying at home, so we can install these 5G masts.” It was a brilliant idea and everyone liked it. And so, government began to lock down cities so they could carry out their nefarious plan.

Finally, in city after city, the 5G masts are ready and switched on. The killer radiation begins to do its job, and mobile subscribers begin to drop dead – in their homes, on the streets, inside cars and buses, and in offices. In a few months, the first city is like a graveyard, and soon all the mobile subscribers are dead. That is everyone, actually, because everyone gets exposed to the killer 5G radiation, including those who do not use the 5G service yet. Dead. Gone.

What is 5G - 5g network - when is 5G coming
The great 5G conspiracy theory: death to all!!!

With no subscribers, the telecom companies have no income and fold up operations in that city. “What do we do now?, the mother of all questions pops up at an emergency board meeting.

“Let’s  dismantle the masts here and go use them in other cities”, a young executive replied.

“Yes!!”, the chairman of the board yells. “That is brilliant! This will enable us to use existing infrastructure and cut down our costs.”

And so, from city to city, killer 5G masts are installed and activated. And in city after city, people drop dead like flies. And month after month, the telecoms companies and their investors throw parties to celebrate how well their 5G masterplan is working and how their revenue keeps drying up. Business has never been better now that their subscribers were all dying off. Very soon, they would be posting the highest ever returns in the histories of their different companies.

This is Super Story……. To God be the glory.

Ladies and gentlemen, this 5G conspiracy theory is one ofthe greatest pieces of dung ever spewed out of the mouth of any human being, dead or alive. As I have stated elsewhere earlier, from a business/economic point of view, this 5G conspiracy theory does not make any sense. 5G is not dangerous. 5G does not cause coronavirus either.  And your government and telecom service providers are not out to kill you. They need you alive and well to continue to make money. Mister Mobility says, Stop listening to people on drugs.

This story was inspired by THIS hilarious Twitter thread.

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