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These are The Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android Phones in 2020

Google Personal assistant
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Personal assistant devices have come a long way from what they used to be, with memories of the Casio Business Navigator BN-40A still very fresh in my mind. This Business Navigator which served as a diary and calculator of some sort acted as my Dad’s personal assistant and did a darn good job for years.

This Navigator was able to tell the time at various locations in the world, keep track of important appointments and also act as a telephone directory. The modern day personal assistant apps took it a step further, adding voice-to-text options and also a bit of realism to the space.

Google Personal assistant

Google Assistant is one of the best Personal assistants today

     Today, we bring to you some of the best personal assistant apps for Android phones in the tech space, a good number of them are free, with some offering premium services at a small fee.


This app though restricted to only Samsung devices is one of the best personal assistants in the tech space. It can effectively carry out web searches, offer direct support for a number of different apps and can download apps from Google Play Store.

This personal assistant just clocked a year recently, but is already one of the go-to personal assistants for Samsung devices.


This app is pretty much the Muhammed Ali of personal assistant apps on Android. It can control your music, help you find useful information online and is useful for setting reminders for events. Its advanced features which can anticipate your needs and also combine well with smart home stuff like Philips Hue lights make it one of a kind in the personal assistant space.

This app is available on almost all Android apps that have Google Play services and is updates regularly by Google. If you don’t have this already, you can get this on Google Play Store.


Another upcoming app in the personal assistant space, this app covers the basics well and also possesses advanced features like integrated Expedia support for hotel booking, a mortgage calculator and a number of key features.

This app can let you play games like Hangman, and has SoundHound Now which can open a sing/hum music search. Though a bit buggy, this is one of the best upcoming personal assistants around and you can click here to install it on your device.

This easy-to-use app comes with a number of stunning features. Aside from performing a lot of basic stuff, it can also search for YouTube videos, tell jokes (for moments when you need a bit of a giggle or laugh), set alarms and perform a number of other functions.

This app is currently free on Google Play Store, with no in-app purchases and can be downloaded through this link.


This app boasts a cross-platform functionality, letting it function across a number of different platforms. It provides the basic personal assistant features, has a chat bot and also some customization features. Though not as solid as Google Assistant or Siri, this app is a simpler, easy-to-use app that can also perform the necessary tasks.

It is currently free on Google Play Store, but may have a number of in-app purchases. You can click here to get this personal assistant app.


With personal assistant apps coming in handy at various times in our lives, they could be the difference between missing an all-important board meeting and getting ready just in time. Have you tried any of the apps above? Get across to us in the comment section below, and let us hear from you today.

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