Like something out of a horror movie… You know, those sort of movies in which someone dies, but is found roving around and giving the

The Living Dead: Belle Still Haunts Lumia

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The Dead among the Living

Like something out of a horror movie… You know, those sort of movies in which someone dies, but is found roving around and giving the living serious nightmares. Vampire sort of stuff. I love a good vampire movie. Like a pale fanged creature from the dead, Nokia’s dead OS, Belle has refused to stay in the grave and remains a nightmare for Lumia.

Apparently, an OS that was burned to death and buried is still outselling its replacement over a year later. According to news being circulated about Nokia’s 3Q results, of the total 6.3 million smartphones sold in the period, 2.9 million were Lumia devices, against 3.4 million Belle smartphones.

While Nokia is still recording a total loss, it isn’t all bad news though. A whopping 6.5 million Asha full touch devices were sold in the period, helping to keep the manufacturer afloat. Everybody says its a smartphone world, but Asha keeps selling. Oh; but Asha devices are now marketed as “smartphones,” so there. Nokia still seems unsure of where to place Asha. In marketing, Nokia pushes them as “smartphones” but they are reported under feature phones ion Nokia’s report.

But Nokia’s course for smartphones is set, and we can only hope that the Lumia range will find a wooden stake or a silver bullet (whichever works) to lodge in Belle’s heart in the shortest possible time, so that the past can be left in the past.

Do I make sense, or do I sound like I am craving a horror movie? No? Anyway, you got the main story; right? Right.

  1. Asha, the rejected stone coming to save the building. 6.5 million in sales that’s a huge number. i bet most of those numbers come in sales between India and Nigeria. i think every new release of Asha phones keep bluring the line between smartphone and feature phones.

  2. Reminds me of that ancient film by Stephen Seagal – Hard To Kill.

    Belle devices performing necromancy. Hmm..

  3. eyebeekay, necromancy huh? lmao…..Belle isnt exactly dead afterall the Pureview is what Mr Mo has adopted as his new lover *side glance at Mr Mo*

  4. Nokia might have found a NICHE device advantage in Asha range like Samsung found in Galaxy Note. Asha blends feature and smartphone capabilities into one, Galaxy Note blends smartphone and tablet capabilities into one. Let Nokia build on that NICHE Asha edge, as I am not sure the Lumia 920 will be their saviour. Why did I say so? Nokia have made Lumia 920 EXCLUSIVE to only AT&T for first 6 months of launch in November. Is this how Nokia going to market a new flagship so much admired and expected by fans around the world? Is that how Samsung and Apple made it to the top? What kind of coffee is Stephen Elop sipping? Or could he be smoking crack?

  5. Outdoor visibility is one of the reasons why i still keep my 603, Trollz needt to try one of those belle devices before banishing belle Os as dead!

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